Exiles walk down the line and lunch at the Hilden Brewery.


Jim's Photographs 

Civic Center Vera Hall, Don Watters, Prof. Pantridge, Ted Rooney Ted Rooney, Vera Hall, Don Watters Down the line
Ted, Vera, Gerry, Don Swan on the Lagan The Old Mill Vera, Don, Ted
Gerry, Ted, Vera, Don Don, Gerry, Vera Vera, Gerry, Patricia, Rosemary, Ted, Don. Eddie, Gerry, Ted, Rosemary, Patricia.
Jim, Ted, Gerry, Patricia, Rosemary, Don. Ted Rooney    

Teds Photographs 

Don with Prof Pantridge  Vera Hall, Don, Prof Pantridge, Jim  Down the line  Gerry McClinton, Don Watters, Jim, Vera Hall 
Jim  Vera Hall, Don Watters, Gerry McClinton   Jim, Gerry, Vera  Vera Hall, Gerry McClinton, Patricia Walsh, Rosemary O'Carroll, Don Watters, Jim Collins.
 Patricia Walsh (McMahon), Don Watters, Jim Collins, Eddie Watters, Gerry McClinton, Ted Rooney, Rosemary O'Carroll (McMahon)  Jim, Ted, Gerry, Patricia, Rosemary, Don.  The gang in the yard