New Forum Photographs

Pat Burns
Pat at Blue Mtn Ontario, Canada.    
Joe and Pat - 50th wedding Anniversary  Pat at Blue Mountain Ontario, Canada.  Pat and daughters in Elora, Ontario.  Rosemary & Terry Ingleston, Deirdre Burns, Bronagh Foster, Pat Burns, Joy and Mauri. (Phone Photo)
Ann Hamill's Photographs 2010
Family Wedding Marbella 2010   Family Wedding Marbella 2010 Isle of Skye 2010   Isle of Skye 2010
Family Wedding, Marbella Spain 2010  Isle of Skye Scotland 2010
Ann & Domnic Hamill's Wedding 22 June 1961      
Ann & Domnic Hamill's
Wedding 22 June 1961
MacAuslands Woollen Mills Prince Edward Island (Jimmy McClean)
Fires in Okanagan area of British Columbia Harry Connor 26 august 2009
Maurice Dawe
Remembrance Day services at Memorial Square In Barrie, Ontario, Canada
    Beano's Carryout