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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

Young visitors from Finland take part in joint epilogue service at Seymour Street Methodist Church

Seymour Street Holiday Bible Club leaders L to R: (front) Maria Mork, Karen Hutchinson and Rebekah Maginn. (back row) Louise Monroe, Stefan Forsback, Joy Rainey, Owen Sweeney, Jennifer Guy, James Nelson and Claire Jones.

Young visitors from Finland pictured with members of Seymour Street Youth Fellowship. L to R: (front row) Stefan Forsback, James Nelson, Stephen Pierce, Karen Hutchinson, Jan Kullberi, Jennifer Guy, Oliver Koskela, Bettina Soderholm and Paul Jones. (second row) Rebekah Maginn, Kirsty Dunlop, Julie Dillon, Sabrina Tillander, Benjamin Democh, Joy Rainey, Jennie Mork, David Democh, Thomas Jones and Janina Aschan. (back row) Owen Sweeney, Louise Monroe, Lauren Allen, Maria Mork, Helen Dunlop, Martyn Rath, Matthew Maginn, Claire Jones, Andrew Scott and David Henry.

Young visitors from Finland took part in a joint epilogue service on Sunday 16th July 2005 at Seymour Street Methodist Church that was attended by members of the congregations of First Lisburn and Railway Street Presbyterian and Lisburn Cathedral. James Nelson introduced the youth item in which the young Finnish visitors and members of Seymour Street Youth Fellowship sang, �Open the eyes of my heart Lord� in Swedish and then in English, accompanied by the Seymour Street youth orchestra.

The service was led by Fiona McCrea - Seymour Street; prayers of intersession were taken by Margaret Coulter - Railway Street; Bible Reading by the Rev. Ken McGrath - Lisburn Cathedral; and the sermon was given by the Rev. Bert Tosh - Head of Religious Broadcasting at the BBC.

The Finnish visitors helped out at the Seymour Street Church Holiday Bible Club held from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd July 2005.