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Lisburn district GB girls set to help children in Romania

Sisters Nicola and Nadine Anderson, both from 1st Lisburn Presbyterian GB, and Judith Watson, Finaghy Methodist GB, who are travelling with group leader Tracy Allen, also from 1st Lisburn GB, to Romania this summer to work in a children's mission camp run by 'Children for Christ'. Tracy was unavailable for the photo. US25-707SP

FOUR local members of the Girls' Brigade will be travelling to Romania this summer to spend time working with underprivileged children at a special summer camp.

Whilst many local people will be currently preparing for a summer holiday in sunnier climates, the girls have decided to spend their holiday in Europe in a different way.

Sisters Nicola and Nadine Anderson both from 1st Lisburn Presbyterian GB, group leader Tracy Allen also from 1st Lisburn GB and Judith Watson, of Finaghy Methodist GB have been selected by the Girls' Brigade Northern Ireland, to travel to Romania in a few weeks time to help with a summer camp organised by 'Children for Christ'.

The format is similar to a Holiday Bible Club with Bible teaching plus games, crafts etc. The Camp runs all summer with a new set of 50 children from very disadvantaged backgrounds attending every week.

The leaders are Romanian Christians; the local girls will not be doing any of the teaching, but will have opportunities to join in all the activities, as well as assisting with all the duties associated with a residential camp.

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