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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

Bread and cheese lunches support the work of Christian Aid

Pictured above are the Boyd family who have been supporting the Bread and Cheese Lunch in First Lisburn for 14 years. Last Tuesday four generations of Boyd�s celebrated the 1st Birthdays of John and Noah surrounded by a group of lunch volunteers.James Boyd pictured with his daughters Pamela Matchett and Brenda Workman and greatgrandchildren John McQuitty and Noah Legge.  The picture was taken during the celebration of the children�s 1st birthdays at the Bread and Cheese Lunch in First Lisburn last Tuesday.The Tuesday Bread and Cheese lunches organised by Lisburn Christian Aid Committee in First Lisburn Presbyterian Church are now in their 26th year. Run by a group of volunteers from several local churches, this inter-denominational venture has already raised almost �90,000. The lunches served between 11.30 am and 2.00 pm are open to all, folk can come and go as they wish, being served quickly if they have a busy schedule or lingering over a second cup of coffee if they have the time. There are just two more Tuesdays left before Christmas why not drop in and have a bowl of hot, homemade soup and help Christian Aid at the same time.