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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland



Confirmation Service in Lisburn Cathedral

Pictured at a Confirmation Service in Lisburn Cathedral last Sunday afternoon (4th May) is L to R: (front row) Graham McMillan, Liz Hansford, Rev Canon Sam Wright - Rector, Rt Rev Alan Harper - Bishop of Connor, Rev Kenneth McGrath - Vicar, Keith Neill - Youth & Outreach Worker, Verna Moore and Peter Hendry. (back row) Peter Hilland, John Hansford, Laura Johnston, Rebecca Forsythe, Lena Welsh, Amy Welsh, Eileen Tracey, Becky Whittaker, Emma Curran, Sophie Kirk and Peter Kelly.

A Confirmation Service was held in Lisburn Cathedral last Sunday afternoon, Whit Sunday, otherwise known as the day of Pentecost. The anniversary of Whit Sunday will always hold a special significance for the 15 people who were confirmed on the occasion when the church recalls the empowering of the spirit on the early believers.

The Rector, the Rev Canon Sam Wright led the service; Sophie Kirk read The Epistle from Acts 2: 1-21 and John Hansford read the Gospel from John 15: 26-27; 16: 4B-15. During the service Becky Whittaker gave her testimony and led prayers along with Rebecca Forsthye and Laura Johnston. The Cathedral music group lead the praise and the songs for the service were chosen by those being confirmed, they included �Open the eyes of my heart�, �Blessed be your name�, �Light of the World� and �In Christ Alone�.

In his sermon, the Bishop of Connor, the Rt. Rev Alan Harper spoke on the importance of Pentecost to the early Church, on how the frightened disciples were transformed by the coming of the spirit and how we are all called by God not to be spectators but instead to be on the field of play as active team members.

The Rector - Sam Wright, the Vicar - Ken McGrath and the Youth Outreach Worker - Keith Neill presented the 15 people being confirmed. The Bishop then laid hands on them praying for the Holy Spirit to anoint and empower them for service.

Everyone had an opportunity to meet with the Bishop after the service when refreshments were served in the Hall.