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Connect at Elmwood

The second in a series of outreach events called �Connect� organised in conjunction with Crown Jesus Ministries was held in Elmwood Presbyterian Church, Ballymacash last Sunday evening.  The minister, the Rev. Andrew Thompson led the service; Peter McKechnie and the Elmwood Worship Team led the praise and Philip Kerr from Crown Jesus Ministries gave the talk.

The Elmwood Worship Team provided background music as members of the congregation and friends arrived for the special evening service of Easter Worship, and were treated to tea, coffee and beautiful buns provided by the ladies of the congregation.  The Rev. Andrew Thompson gave everyone a warm welcome and conducted an �Elmwood in Focus� interview with Barry Quinn, a member of the congregation.  Stephen Auld - Elmwood Youth Worker led a humorous Ice-breaker based on the game Connect 4 and in a most interesting talk, Philip Kerr from Crown Jesus Ministries spoke about the many connections we make during our lives.  He said that because of our sin, we are disconnected from God and that He wants to connect with each one of us.  Philip went on to explain the importance of calling on the name of the Lord and making the �Winning Connection� as recorded in Acts 4 v 12, �Salvation is found in no-one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.�


 Philip Kerr (front left) - Crown Jesus Ministries and the Rev. Andrew Thompson (back right) pictured with Peter McKechnie (front right) and the Worship Team that led the praise at Elmwood Presbyterian Church last Sunday evening.  L to R: (front) Philip Kerr, David Acheson, Mark Getty, Hannah Jess, Juanita Morrow and Peter McKechnie - Worship Group leader.  (back row) Arran Crossey, Julie Murdock, David McKechnie, Christine Murdock, David Ravey, Paul McConnell, Emma Philpott, David Morrow, Melanie Anderson and the Rev. Andrew Thompson.