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First Dromara Girls� Brigade Display

First Dromara Girls� Brigade held their 47th Annual Prize Distribution and Display on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th April 2006 when 140 girls and officers under the Captaincy of Gillian Spiers took to the floor at First Dromara Presbyterian Church Hall and gave two most enjoyable evenings for the many parents and friends that attended.

Gillian Spiers Captain, Eveline Thompson was the Guest of Honour on Friday evening when awards were presented to the Tinies and Explorers sections of the Company.  On Saturday evening the Guest of Honour was Gillian Millar who presented the awards to the Junior, Senior and Brigader Sections.  Gillian, a former officer in the Company (now living in Kilkeel) was accompanied by her husband the Rev. Gary Millar, former Rector of the grouped Parishes of Dromara and Garvaghy.  The Rev. Shaw Thompson, Company Chaplain, chaired the proceedings on both nights and the pianists were Wilma Copes and Ruth Ravey.

The Tinies were dressed up in pretty dresses for their own version of the �Dromara Roses�.  They also displayed their physical fitness in the �The Games�. The Explorer girls completed figure marching, dressed as Robin Hood and performed a sketch about the story of Moses entitled �I�m and Israelite � get me out of here�.  Lastly they performed their Choral Speaking poem �The Little Turtle�, with which they competed in the District Competition and made it through to Inter-district level.  The Juniors treated the audience to a �Pom Pom Parade� with dancing and singing of a number of Disney songs.  They also acted out a Sketch called �Here we Grow�, which told the story of the Parable of the Sower.  The Juniors also said their Choral Speaking Poem, �Homework� with which they also made it through to the Inter-district competitions.  The Senior and Brigader sections, treated the audience to dancing to Grease, they also sang �We Go together�.  They performed a comedy sketch of �The Three Paddies�, acting out some of the popular Paddy the Irishman Jokes.  The Evening finished with the Finale, The Pursuit of Happiness, which looked at how we all seek happiness in things of the world and explained how real happiness could be found in Jesus.  The Company Choir sang � Happiness, Acres of Diamonds and In Christ Alone.

The following girls received cups and trophies:-

Tinies �

Plaque for Activities, Eve Crowder; Sibbit Cup for Best Tiny Tot, Ellen Graham.

Explorers �

 W W Skelly Cup for the highest points, Jill Copes; Elizabeth Harkness Memorial Cup for Choral Speaking, Laura Stewart; Margaret S Skelly Memorial Cup for P. E., Hayley Martin and Jill Copes; Mrs M E Scott Endeavor Cup, Claire Hanna and Victoria Reain.

Juniors �

Sidney McAvoy Memorial Cup for the highest points, Sarah and Charlotte Martin; Isaac Graham Memorial Cup for God�s Family, Chloe Graham; Mrs R Graham Scripture Cup, Megan McVeigh and Megan Peters; Mrs Bailey Physical Progress Cup, Jemma Smyth; Coulter Millennium Scroll for Choral Speaking, Chloe Graham.

Senior and Brigader �

Dewberry cup for highest points, Sophie McCalla and Melissa Scott; The Patsy Graham cup for P. E., Jayne Simpson; The Mrs R Hart cup for Senior Scripture, Stephanie Martin; The Redpath Cup for Brigader Scripture, Aninka Moucka.

Company Awards -

Family Cup for GB week collection, Ruth and Sophie McCalla; McAvoy memorial Cup for individual GB week collection, Chloe McFaul.

Pictured at First Dromara Girls� Brigade Display last Saturday night (8th April) are L to R: (seated) Gillian Spiers - Captain, Ina Hart - President and Gillian Millar - Guest of Honour.  (back row) The Rev. Shaw Thompson - Chairman and the Rev. Gary Millar, former Rector of the grouped Parishes of Dromara and Garvaghy.