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Gospel mission and harvest services at
First Dromore Presbyterian Church

First Dromore Presbyterian Church Choir pictured at the morning Harvest Thanksgiving Service on Sunday 29th October.

The theme for a mission in First Dromore Presbyterian Church last week was �Friends He United� during which God was glorified; the truths of the Gospel explained and the people of First Dromore encouraged to follow Christ. Conducted by the minister, the Rev Keith Duddy, the mission commenced on Sunday evening 22nd October and concluded with Harvest Thanksgiving Services on Sunday 29th October.

At the morning service, Mr Duddy welcomed the large congregation, the many visitors and in particular his visiting preacher, the Rev Frank Gibson, minister of Kingsmills and Jerretspass congregations. Thanks was extended to the organist, Gretta Baxter for giving so much time and skill to the music and to Liz Humphreys for accompanying the singing each night. Thanks was also given to all those who made a special contribution to individual meetings including Freda Trimble, Lisa Cochrane, Michael Pyper, Trevor Martin, the choir, the praise group and those who helped in a practical way by operating the public address system, recording services, opening the building each evening and providing security.

Gretta Baxter on organ and the church choir led the praise. The anthems were, �Why did they nail him to Calvary�s tree� which included a solo part by Arlene Poots and �The blood will never lose it�s power�. The hymns were: �Great is Thy faithfulness�, �God who made the earth�, �Here I am� and �When I survey the wondrous cross�.

In his address, Mr Gibson chose as his text Jeremiah 8 v 20: �The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved.� Explaining that there is a �PROMISED time for harvest�, a �PROPER time for harvest� an �EXPECTED time for harvest� and a �PASSING time for harvest�, he emphasised the need for a harvest in our churches through prayer and the preaching of God�s word.

The Rev Keith Duddy conducted the Harvest Service on Sunday evening; the topic was �A friend forever� - what happens when you die