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Forty days of purpose at Dunmurry Presbyterian Church

Pictured at a banner announcing the start of �Forty Days of Purpose� are some of the house group hosts who will open their homes for people to come together and chat about their daily readings from Rick Warren�s best selling book �The Purpose-Driven Life�. L to R: David McCleary, the Rev John Braithwaite, Marlene Jones, Mary Braithwaite and Andrew Alexander.

Beginning on Sunday 24th September, Dunmurry Presbyterian Church will be taking part in a nationwide programme called �Forty Days of Purpose� based on Rick Warren�s best selling book �The Purpose-Driven Life�.  The book is divided into 40 daily readings for participants to read in their own time over a forty-day period and gives Biblical answers to what is a vital question for all of us - �What on earth am I here for?� 

During the forty-day period, Sunday morning services in the church will follow the themes of the book, finishing with a Celebration Service on Sunday 5th November.  Also during this period, some members of the congregation are opening their homes for people to come together and share their thoughts about each daily reading.  The home groups will begin with a short section of a video showing Rick Warren introducing the theme for the week, after which people can have an informal chat and say what they think about it.  Children and young people of the church are included in the programme through their own activities.

Dunmurry congregation would welcome any non-members of the church who would like to take part in the programme.  You can buy a book, or come to one of the sharing groups in a home, or to our church services.  If you are interested, please ring Andrew Alexander (9062 1858) or John Braithwaite (9062 2153).