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Helping hands first consignment

The Railway Street Presbyterian Church �Helping hands� group

The Railway Street Presbyterian Church �Helping hands� group meet each month to enjoy fellowship and great craic and to knit and crochet for several good causes.  The ladies are pictured displaying their first consignment of woollen jumpers, cardigans, blankets and teddies for Foreign Missions in Malawi, hats for Missions to Seamen and small bonnets for the Premature Baby Unit in the Royal Victoria Hospital and Craigavon Hospital.  L to R: (front row) Phyllis Spence, Jean Whithorn, Betty Bowman, May Griffin, May Gibson and Margaret Power.  (back row)  Norma Coggins, Heather Barron, Jacqueline Hutchinson, Edith McConnell, Anna Toombs, Iris Levitt, Joy Crothers, Marjorie Jamieson and Rosemary Henderson.