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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

Lisburn hymn writer reaches the top ten

BBC Songs of Praise's quest for the nation's favourite hymn had brought further recognition to Lisburn composer turned hymn writer Keith Getty.

Over ten thousand viewers voted with three year old hymn hymn 'In Christ Alone' polling ninth spot. Andrew Barr, the former head of Education and Religious Broadcasting at BBC Scotland said: "If you asked people down at the pub if they had heard 'In Christ Alone', I doubt anyone would. But it is a very singable hymn."

He went on to say: "One feels that hymns will survive even if the organised church falls apart, because they are the people's tunes and the people's words."

Lisburn man Keith said: "I am delighted with the increased popularity of our hymns in such a short time - when we started writing them it was a widely held view that hymns were a thing of the past, so its been exciting to see the growth."

November also sees the launch of the final album in Keith's 'New Irish Hymns Series' entitled 'Hymns for the life of the church' with what he hopes will be his next 'In Christ Alone'.

"We have just written a new hymn 'The Power of the Cross' which we are hoping will have that same universal appeal," said Keith.

Keith is currently touring in the USA with wife, Kristyn.

Throughout his 20s Keith's music made headlines both locally and internationally, composing music for stage, recording, television and film working with many leading artists throughout the world of music from Sir James Galway to Sir Cliff Richard.

He also conducted and produced many sell-out concerts at the Waterfront Hall.

Keith moved to Switzerland in January with his wife where he now focuses his work almost exclusively on hymn writing.