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The Leprosy Mission National Office relocates to Lisburn

Colin Ferguson - National Director, pictured at the new Leprosy Mission National Office and shop at Lagan House, Lisburn.

Leprosy Mission staff pictured at the new Leprosy Mission National Office and Shop in Lisburn. L to R: Colin Ferguson - National Director, Joy Jamieson - PA to National Director, Daphne Kerry - Clerical Officer and Sam Smith - Development Officer/Youth Worker. Missing from the photo is the Rev Tom Robinson - Deputy Director.

The Leprosy Mission National Office, which was based in Belfast for over 40 years, relocated to Lisburn in July 2006. The new Lisburn office/shop is located in Lagan House, just behind the Lisburn Christian Fellowship Church on the Queens Road.

The function of the National Office is to raise the awareness of leprosy, provide prayer support, and raise funds in Northern Ireland. The opening hours for new office/shop is Monday to Friday from 9.15am to 5.00pm for the sale of charity Christmas cards, calendars, diaries, devotional books, fair trade items (from workshops employing ex-leprosy patients many of whom have disabilities) and much more.

A spokesperson for the organisation says, �The Leprosy Mission is a leading international Christian organisation with over 130 years of experience. TLM is a worldwide partnership, active in over 50 countries, with a vision for a world without leprosy and a passion to eradicate the causes and consequences of leprosy. As long as leprosy afflicts individuals and communities, we are committed to doing all we can to break its power and impact. God has equipped us with the means and methods to reach our goal of healing, restoring and empowering the lives of people affected by leprosy. This means more than just a cure for the disease; it means addressing the underlying causes, working to prevent disability and restoring dignity and wholeness. TLM has over 2,000 national and international staff and works in partnership with communities, churches, national governments and other NGOs. National Councils and Support Groups in 27 countries resource our work with finance, prayer and some expatriate expertise. TLM serves a population of 285 million people across 182 projects in 31 leprosy-affected countries. Our Mission Statement is to minister in the name of Jesus Christ to the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of individuals and communities disadvantaged by leprosy; working with them to uphold human dignity and eradicate leprosy. Our vision is for a world without leprosy and our goal is to eradicate the causes and consequences of leprosy. Deputation speakers are available to speak about The Leprosy Mission to any interested group.�