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Pastor Roy Johnston�s farewell service at Lisburn City Elim

It was an emotional day for Pastor Roy Johnston, his wife Hilary and family when Roy preached his farewell service in Lisburn City Elim last Sunday evening.  In a newsletter produced for the occasion, Pastor Norman Christie wrote a glowing tribute for the dedicated service of Pastor Roy, Hilary and family, stating that it was not just �farewell�, but rather �cheerio�.  He recalled that shortly after receiving Pastor Roy as the new assistant minister in February 1994 that it was not long until he was promoted to Associate Pastor, having special responsibilities for children, youth and the music and worship.  He explained that his wife Hilary�s gifting in this area shone through and brought them to the present point of excellence.  Pastor Christie writes that it was no surprise that Pastor Roy became Elim Youth Director and spoke of the gratification of acknowledging his elevated position as a valued member of Elim�s Irish Leadership Team, with special responsibility for the Powerbrokers.  He concluded by praying for God�s richest blessing upon the entire family as Roy takes up the senior leadership of Beersbridge Road Elim Church.

After Pastor Roy Johnston�s emotional farewell address on Sunday evening, Pastor Norman Christie recalled some of the outstanding events during their 12 harmonious years at Lisburn Elim, stating that it had been a great joy to work together as a team.  To the members of Beersbridge Road Elim Pastor Christie said, �Spare a thought and a prayer for us, for we have sent to you some of our dearest treasures�.  The church session joined in prayer with the Senior Pastor as hands were laid upon Pastor Roy and Hilary, committing them to God�s grace.

Roy�s Induction Service at Beersbridge Road Elim will be held on Saturday 6th May at 7.30pm and he will preach his first service as their new Pastor on Sunday 7th May at 11.00am. 

Pastor Roy Johnston pictured with his wife Hilary and children, Cherith, Benjamin and little Annie on his last day at Lisburn City Elim.

Pastor Roy Johnston and his wife Hilary pictured on their last day at Lisburn City Elim with Pastor Norman Christie and his wife Doreen.