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Bible club at Maze Presbyterian Church

Maze Presbyterian Church Bible Club leaders pictured on Friday 30th June.  L to R: (back row) Rev William Henry, Edna Moneypenny, Andy Logan, Robert Watson, Ronnie Agnew - Summer Assistant, Gwyneth Bradley, Helen Watson, Allison McCloud and Stewart Houston.  (front row) Andrew Peoples, Jennifer Shannon, Jacqueline Swan, Christine Johnston, Annette Harte, Alyson Moneypenny and Jennifer Peoples.

An end of school term Bible Club entitled �The Rock� was held last week at Maze Presbyterian Church. Organised by the minister and a team of over 20 church leaders, this year�s annual children�s event, which was based on the life of Joseph, was held on Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th June from 6.45pm to 8.15pm each evening.  As well as seeing the meaning of the Bible story for living today, there was a lot of fun and enjoyment with games, sketches and messy stunts, making this the fun place to be for the last few days of school.  The club catered for the Preschool - Primary 6 age group and the minister, the Rev William Henry was the speaker.  At the same time, there was �Rock Zone� for children P7 and upwards and Ronnie Agnew, the Summer Assistant at Maze, was the speaker.