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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland



Special reach-out ministry at Lisburn Reformed Presbyterian Church

Rev. Professor Robert McCollumA Caring Ministry
�Older people can often be neglected by family and community so we plan to visit our senior members and make them feel the week includes them�, said the minister, Rev Robert McCollum.

Summer Bible School
Children had a special place in the ministry of Jesus so we plan to cater for children (ages 4-12) in Ballymacash each evening.  A Bible Club will also be held each afternoon beside the housing developments near the church.

Time-line Presentation of the Bible
A PowerPoint presentation will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon from 4.00pm to 4.45pm.  The topics are: Monday � �Genesis to Calvary�; Wednesday � �Old Testament History�; Friday � �Jesus and the Gospels�.  �These presentations�, said the minister, �are a teaching tool to help us understand the Bible more clearly.� 

Open Air Service
There will be an Open Air Service on Wednesday evening from 7.15pm to 7.45pm in the church car park.

Book Fair
A wide range of Christian books catering for all ages will be on display for sale on Thursday.

A barbeque will be held on Friday night at 6.30pm, in the church car park.

Special Guest Service
A special guest service on Sunday evening (27th August) at 7.00 pm will be the climax of the week.  Mr. McCollum has taken as his theme, �Where is God when things go wrong�.  He commented, �People are often perplexed by the extent of human suffering in the world.  At this service I will be showing from the Bible why suffering exists and how we are to react to it.�  To publicize this service a team from the congregation will be visiting the neighborhood, giving out 5,000 invitations.

The congregation is hoping for good weather for all the outdoor events - especially the Open Air Service on Wednesday evening and the barbeque on Friday night.