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Children�s Day at Trinity Methodist Church, Lisburn

Children�s Day Service

Members of Trinity Motor Cycle Club who attended the Children�s Day Service in Trinity Methodist Church on Sunday 11th June after biking to Downpatrick and Ardglass leaving the church at 7.30am with a brave minister�s wife on the rear seat of one of the powerful machines.  L to R: (back) Lesley Webster, Murray Clynes, John Magee and Alan Watson.  (front) Kenny Gray, Bobby Beggs, Debby Gray, Christine Beggs and Adrian Glenn.

A Children�s Day Service was held in Trinity Methodist Church, Lisburn on Sunday 11th June.  Thomas Boyd gave the call to worship; Leah Young offered prayers; Doil Park and Gemma Hartley read the Scripture lessons; the under five year olds sang �O be careful little eyes�; Zoe Smyth and Niamh Porter sang �The lord Loves me�; Clare Gault, Catherine Gault, Hannah Elliott and Rachel Smyth sang �I will praise You Lord� accompanied on piano by Angela Sofley; members of the Bible Class sung several other items of praise accompanied by Chris McCauley on piano, Stuart Webster on drums and Ian Webster and Connor McBratney on guitar.  The Guest Speaker was Mr Alex Connor, from Forthill Gospel Hall, Lisburn.

Julie Dougherty Sunday School Superintendent Alex Connor Guest Speaker

Julie Dougherty
Sunday School Superintendent

Alex Connor
Guest Speaker