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Bethel Family Fellowship closure marks an end over 40 years of Christian witness in Lisburn

Pastor Victor Stewart Bethel Family Fellowship

Pastor Victor Stewart

Bethel Family Fellowship

The regrettable closure of Bethel Family Fellowship in Wardsborough Road, Lisburn, in August 2006 brings to an end over 40 years of faithful Christian witness in this city centre place of worship. The fellowship's first meetinghouse was above McCormick's Shop in Bow Street (opposite Greens). In about 1965, when the congregation were planning to move from this location, they were most anxious that the next meetinghouse would have a long lease. This being the case, Mr Tommy Haire, who owned the Wardsborough Road property, had it written into the deeds of the new meetinghouse that they could have use of the building, 'Till Jesus Returns'. Mr Haire, who loved to preach the Gospel, was known to many as 'The Preaching Plumber'.

The closure of the Wardsborough Road fellowship last year brings the number of churches and places of worship in the Lisburn City Council area to 133.