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Church bells sound the alarm on global warming

Colin Morwood, Bell-ringer and Sexton at St John's Parish Church, Moira was one of the many bell-ringers throughout Ireland to sound the alarm on global warming last Saturday afternoon (8th December).  At the request of the Ecological & Environmental Panel of the Church in Society Committee, Parish churches in Ireland rang their bells last Saturday afternoon (8th December) as a warning about global warming on the Global Day of Action on Climate Change. The alarm was the Eco-panel's contribution to an international day of protest that coincides with the Bali talks on climate change. The aim of the action was to draw the issue to the attention of local politicians and call on them to do more about it.

At 2.00pm the bells of churches around Ireland rang out to signal that the world must warm by no more than two degrees centigrade if mankind is to continue to live here with any level of comfort and safety.

Revd David Humphries, Chairman of the Ecological and Environmental Panel, who urged parishes to show their support by ringing their bells and by attending the public events said, 'Global warming isn't just an international issue, it's something we should be engaged with at the national and local level too. We want to draw the attention of our politicians to this issue. But we also want parishes to become involved. Every member of the Church of Ireland has a part to play in ensuring the sustainability of our environment.'