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Special services at Mount Zion Free Methodist Church

 Pastor Nick Serb1 'The Cross and the Switchblade' is coming to Lisburn
'Finally, a play with a meaning!' says Pastor Nick Serb (Mount Zion Free Methodist Church) at the news of the Saltmine Theater Company is bringing the play to Lisburn.

Many people have read the book, even more have seen the movie and now it's time to feel the story through the play. Highly qualified actors and dedicated people will present a real story with a great social and spiritual meaning on Saturday 3rd November at 7.30pm in Lisburn Island Centre.

Some details about the play.
'Adapted from the book by David Wilkerson and John & Elizabeth Sherrill, which has sold over 50 million copies worldwide, this play is a remarkable true story about urban renewal that takes a refreshing and poignant look at survival in the city. It's the late 50's and New York is a city of gangs, drugs and violence where only the toughest survive. Nicky Cruz is a Puerto Rican kid with no friends and a family he'd rather forget. When he is initiated into the ranks of the dreaded Mau Mau gang, his craziness and skill with a blade make him one of the most feared figures in the city's underworld.

David Wilkerson is a country preacher in a comfortable parish. So what on earth could possess him to go to New York to preach to fighters, hookers and drug addicts armed with nothing but a bible' What will happen when David finally comes face to face with Nicky Cruz' This pulsating play toured to huge acclaim in 2000 and 2001. It was part of the RSC's Swan Theatre visitor's season and also went to America, touring across the east coast. The production is being revived with a new adaptation and brand new cast.'

Details of the play, venues and tickets at - and

The Saltmine team and the crew will be hosted by Mount Zion Free Methodist Church, Gregg Street, Lisburn where the crew will have a special service on Sunday morning 4th November.

2 A journey through Revelation and the End Times
with Pastor Nick Serb at Mount Zion Free Methodist Church

What is going to happen to Iraq' When will the end come' What is the meaning of the book of Revelation' What will happen to this world'

These are just a few questions among many that pastor Nick Serb will try to answer in an objective and faithful way during this amazing journey to find the truth about the end of this world.

'Revelation is not all about controversies and different opinions but a book about God and His plan with this earth and the people that live on it. We all agree on one thing and that is the fact that Jesus is coming back. The urgency of this massage needs to be rightly presented. Economy and foreign policy are the most important issues for the world today. And yet, we all know there is an end. Many have tried to deny it but we see the earth giving its last breath. Fear is not what Revelation presents but Hope. There is so much hope in the last days and there is so much hope for those who believe.'

Starting on Sunday 4th November at 6.30 pm Pastor Nick Serb will develop topics such as: Babylon ' beginning and end; Revelation by chapters; The Rapture and its message; The Key of the Great Tribulation; The glorious coming of the King; The perfect society and the Millennium, The judgement day and the beginning of 'No End'.