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Derick Bingham presents five Sunday evening studies in First Lisburn

'On Highest Ground'
Surveying your resources in Christ

Derick BinghamDerick Bingham will present a series of five Sunday evening studies of Paul's letter to the Ephesians entitled 'On Highest Ground' in the Upper Room of First Lisburn Presbyterian Church from Sunday 4th March to Sunday 1st April at 6.30pm to 8.00pm.

Derek looks forward to having you with him over these five special Sunday evenings that he has devoted to the study of this inspiring and spiritually invigorating letter. 'Surveying your resources in Christ' his aim is to encourage you in your faith or if you have none to encourage you - to know that you can.

The topic for each Sunday evening is:

Sunday 4th March - 'Every spiritual blessing' (Ephesians Chapter 1)
Sunday 11th March - 'An end to alienation' (Ephesians Chapter 2)
Sunday 18th March - 'The centrality of the church' (Ephesians Chapter 3)
Sunday 25th March - 'New standards in a new society' (Ephesians Chapter 4:1-5:4)
Sunday 1st April - 'The Spirit-filled life' (Ephesians Chapter 5:5-6:24)