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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland



Flower festival marks 300 years of praise and worship
at Lisburn Cathedral

'Out of the Fire'

Lisburn Cathedral Rev William McMillan

Lisburn Cathedral

Rev William McMillan

Lisburn Cathedral is to host a flower festival marking 300 years since the town and cathedral were destroyed by fire. April 20, 1707, was a quiet Sunday morning in Lisnagarvey. Some turf ashes silently drifted onto the wooden roof of a house, and the blaze quickly took hold. Within hours, the town was in blackened ruins, along with its church. Families were left homeless and destitute. Lisburn was reborn after the tragedy of 300 years ago, and is today a city. The mark of the fire remains - Lisburn's symbol includes a phoenix.

Lisburn Cathedral is marking the events of three centuries ago with 'Out of the Fire', a flower festival celebrating 300 years of worship since the cathedral's reconstruction. This dazzling flower festival is masterminded by the world-renowned floral designer Rev William McMillan, with the help of Ballymacash Flower Club.

The festival runs from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th October 28, and includes a series of church services. Entry is free but donations are welcomed, with funds raised going to 'Lisburn Cathedral Renovation Fund' and to assist the building of Mongo Primary School in Sudan.

A flower arranging demonstration by Rev Mac on the Saturday afternoon will be by ticket only.

For more details, contact Lisburn Cathedral church office, Castle Street, Lisburn, on (028) 9260 2400, or email or contact the website,