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Mother's prayers to be offered at service in St Anne's Cathedral

MOTHERS who are concerned about their children will be interested in a service to be held in St. Anne's Cathedral on Monday (September 24) at 8pm.

The speaker will be Veronica Williams, founder of the organisation 'Mothers Prayers'. Eleven years ago Veronica and her sister-in-law felt that they ought to be doing something for their children and grandchildren as they felt they were growing up in troubled times. Out of that concern came the organisation 'Mothers Prayers' which gives mothers the chance to pray for their children. "Mothers Prayers is interdenominational, and the climax of each of the services is when mothers in a confidential way place their children in God's hands by putting their names in a basket. They can also Pray for other family relationships they are concerned about," said a spokesperson.

"Mothers Prayers is now active in 86 countries working in 25 languages.


"There have been so many answers to prayer ? children coming back to the faith, children who were lost being found, relationships within families restored, and even when prayers are not fully answered mothers finding peace about their children."

Brother David Jardine, organiser of the service, said: 'The service on September 24 in the Cathedral will be tremendous. Mothers will have a chance to pray for their children that night. Needless to say, everyone will be welcome

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