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Rev Desi Maxwell to present 'The Big Story'

Rev Desi MaxwellDuring the first three Sunday evenings in November, four of our city centre churches will unite to hear the Rev Desi Maxwell present 'The Big Story' through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in three giant steps. Organised by First Lisburn Bible Ministry Committee under its convenor Tom Kinkead, the series of meetings will be held in First Lisburn Presbyterian Church on Sunday 4th, 11th and 18th November from 6.30pm to 8.00pm.

The programme is: In the Garden (Genesis); In the Tent (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers through to 1&11 Samuel); In the Temple (1&11 Kings, 1&11 Chronicles; Psalms and most of the prophets In the Flesh (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John); In the Spirit (Acts and Pauline letters); and In the New Jerusalem (Revelation).

Desi Maxwell is a very gifted speaker. Born and raised in Ballymena, his education took him through Ballymena Academy, on to the University of Ulster, then Westminster and Princeton Theological seminaries in the USA. While he values those years of study, he never forgot what he learned about life in McFetridge's hardware shop in Ballymena.

After seven years of pastoral ministry, three in Canada and four in Belfast, he began two decades of teaching at Belfast Bible College. He remained a senior teaching fellow of the college and regards his work as a joy rather than a job. Desi, who has discovered the truth of the old adage 'you never learn until you teach', says that his learning has been enriched by opportunities in Eastern Europe, Africa, Central Asia and North America, as well as all over the British Isles. He says, 'the older I get, the more excited and enthusiastic I am about studying and teaching the Bible. I owe so much to so many who have taught me so much and I simply want to share what I have been given wherever I can'.

The First Lisburn Bible Ministry Committee extend an invitation to everyone to join with the congregations of First Lisburn, Railway Street, Lisburn Cathedral and Christ Church for what promises to be a most interesting series of talks. The Prayer Healing Ministry Team will be available after the services and Desi will have his book for sale, Where On Earth is God Today.

The First Lisburn Music Group will take part in the services and tea will be provided afterwards for those who would like to stay and chat.