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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


Bible Conference Week at Lisburn Reformed Presbyterian Church

Lisburn Reformed Presbyterian Church is hosting a Bible Conference Week (Sabbath 26th -Friday 31st October). The theme of the week will be 'The Biblical Truths Rediscovered at the Protestant Reformation'. Prof Robert McCollum, the minister of the congregation, explained why this theme was chosen. 'Next year is the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth (born 10 July 1509) and it is important to prepare for this celebration'. Mr McCollum also added, 'If Martin Luther was the spark that ignited the Reformation, John Calvin was the fan ensuring that the flame of gospel truth spread throughout Europe and eventually had impact on every continent'. The aim of this conference is to clarify the foundational truths which John Calvin preached in Geneva and which continues to be the confessional basis of Reformed and Evangelical churches throughout the world.

The guest preacher will be Dr Peter Naylor. Dr Naylor is the minister of Immanuel Presbyterian in Cardiff and has preached before in Lisburn. On Sabbath evening he will preach DV on the 'Pre-eminence of Christ' and on week-nights he will preach on what are called the 'Solas of the Reformation'. 'The Scriptures - our only foundation' (Monday); 'The Glory of God - our only goal' (Tuesday); 'Christ - our only mediator' (Wednesday); 'Grace - God's unmerited favour' (Thursday); 'Faith - our only way of salvation' (Friday).

Mr McCollum assures everyone of a warm welcome to one or all of these meetings. A bookstall will be on display to browse or buy and supper will be provided. If you have any questions contact Mr McCollum at 92664313.