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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland



Concert featuring AudioDetectives with Captain Cameron and guest
will raise money for Christian Aid

The imaginative and enthusiastic minds of local composers Andrew Dougherty and Nathan Jess came together to form this exciting new project in 2007.  AudioDetectives recorded their debut EP, 'Open Up Your Eyes' which was released earlier this year.  As individuals, these guys can be heard all over the country with the tunes of folk, soul, rock and jazz.  Capturing their varied inspirations and musical backgrounds, they create honest stories of hope and faith, sung with an intensity of belief and emotion seldom found in many artists.  This band will have you on the edge of your seat as you hear their silent orchestra of computer sounds appear and wrap themselves around the lyrics and melodies that already captivate you from the stage.  The songs explore and inspire, they challenge and voice the hope and promise that comes straight from the heart of this exciting group.

A quiet man, Captain Cameron holds himself with the humble air of one used to serious thought.  His lyrics are intricately crafted observations, full of depth and rich metaphor, yet they never totally hide the undercurrents of raucous banter, found in a man with a rather sharp wit.  From the quiet obscurity of Drumbeg, he found his folk legs on the rock stage with SixStarHotel, yet his own sound follows another path.  His music is delicate and considered, awash with passionate crescendos and fragile phrases that convince us that he truly means what he sings.  Indeed, Captain Cameron has a command of verse and chorus befitting his name.

The lineup guarantees a great night of local talent and all the money raised will go to Christian Aid who will be along to talk about what they will be doing with the money and how we can support them.  So get your tickets now!

Saturday 20th December 2008
Lisburn Civic Centre, Studio Theatre
Tickets must be pre-booked
Box Office   Tel: 028 92 509254  ::