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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


Stories Jesus told about life in His Kingdom with the Rev Michael McClenahan

Rev Michael McClenaghan

The Rev Dr Michael McClenahan who, as a boy, attended First Lisburn Presbyterian Church and later lectured in theology at Oxford and Yale Universities, will return to his roots next month to conduct a series of five special meetings entitled �Justification: A right relationship with God� (Stories Jesus told about life in His Kingdom). Organised by First Lisburn Bible Ministry Committee under its convenor Tom Kinkead, the meetings will be held in the Upper Room of First Lisburn Presbyterian Church on Sunday evenings 3rd February to 2nd March from 6.30pm to 8.00pm. Music Groups will take part in the services and there will be a Prayer Healing Ministry Team available afterwards. Everyone will be made most welcome and tea will be provided afterwards for those who would like to stay and chat. You might find it helpful to bring your Bible.

Speaking of the forthcoming series of meetings, Dr McClenahan says, �Jesus was the master of every kind of teaching. He could preach to vast crowds, holding their attention for hours. Yet he also took time to answer individual questions. In the gospels, many of his sermons and answers contain stories called parables - many are justly famous and some are more obscure�. He concludes, �Jesus says that the parables are all about his Kingdom - his rule in our lives. But, what does it mean to be part of Jesus� Kingdom? Who is justified - that is, who is in a right relationship with God?� Dr McClenahan will address these important issues and the topic for each of the five Sunday evenings is as follows:

Sunday 3rd February
Being religious - the biggest danger of all
Luke 18: 9-14
The Pharisee

Sunday 10th February
Welcoming crooks and cheats - an open door to heaven
Luke 18: 9-14
The tax collector

Sunday 17th February
Why does God bother?
Luke 15: 11-31
A wayward son

Sunday 24th February
Doesn�t God care about my efforts?
Matthew 20: 1-16
Labourers in the vineyard

Sunday 2nd March
Investing in the Kingdom
Matthew 25: 14-30
The parable of the tenants

As a boy, Michael McClenahan attended First Lisburn Presbyterian Church and after leaving Friend�s School, he studied law at St John�s College, Oxford. He became Student Assistant Minister in Oldpark Presbyterian Church, Belfast in 1998 and during 1998-1999, he began ministerial training in Union Theological Belfast, and the following year returned to Oxford to pursue theological studies. After obtaining a divinity degree, and a Master�s degree in ecclesiastical history, he began and (eventually) completed a doctorate in philosophy concentrating on the eighteenth century theologian Jonathan Edwards. During this time the family moved to the United States where Michael was engaged in research at Yale University.

During his studies Michael was keenly involved in the life and work of St. Ebbe�s Church, Oxford. Initially involved in the leadership of the ministry to students, he latterly moved the focus of his work to a new church plant in Headington (north of Oxford). This work grew steadily and has recently moved to its own building in Headington. Michael has preached in many churches in Northern Ireland, England, and the United States. During his studies he taught theology at the University of Oxford and at Yale University.

The family returned to Northern Ireland in 2006 and Michael is now assistant minister in Greenwell Street Presbyterian Church, Newtownards. He is married to Judith and they have four sons.