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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland



Know anyone in picture?

This picture of Lisburn Boxing Club, which was taken in 1948, has created a lot of interest among readers. Mr Frank Hagan has identified a number of people from the picture.

In the front row are: (first on left) Maurice Leathem, (third from left) _ Hull and (fourth from left) Richard (Dicky) Harris. In the middle row are: (first on Left) professional boxer Jim (Issac) Kerry, (third from left) officer Bobby Morrow, who was a taxi driver by trade, next is Bert McComisky and first on right is trainer Jackie Gorman. In the back row are: (fourth from left) Sammy Wilson and (fifth from right) Bill Watson.

Can you fill in the rest of the blanks? Or do you have any interesting stories about the club? If so contact Stacey Heaney at the Ulster Star on 92 679111. BT28 1BN. US10-758SP or