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Ballance House funding request is turned down

Ballance House 

LISBURN City Council has turned down a request for funding from Ballance House at Glenavy.

This was recommended by the February meeting of the council's Economic Development Committee and ratified by the full monthly meeting.

Committee members were reminded by the Council's Economic Development Manager of a previous decision to reduce the level of funding to Ballance House. Previous financial assistance was also outlined. The proposal not to support the request for funding was made by Deputy Mayor James Tinsley and seconded by Alderman Paul Porter.

This took into account 'the total amount of contributions to date' as well as 'falling visitor numbers' at the site.

Ballance House is the restored birthplace of John Ballance, who eventually became Prime Minister of New Zealand.

He went to live there during the mid 19th century in the hope the climate would help improve his wife's ill health

His career as a journalist led quickly and easily to a career in politics. He entered Parliament in 1875 and made his reputation in the spheres of the economy and land use.

He held office as Colonial Treasurer (1878), as Minister of Lands, Native Affairs and Defence (1884-7) and as Liberal Premier (1891-3).

He had good relations with the Maori people and solved many of the land problems they faced.

Ballance was also instrumental in giving women the vote, making New Zealand the first country in the world to do so.

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