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The Lisburn woman helping companies learn to ease stress


Beth Gibbs 

STRESS is the curse of the modern age and is now one of the most common reasons of absenteeism in work.

A recent survey it suggests that employees feel unable to discuss or deal with stress in their jobs because of a climate of possible harassment or bullying, inadequate stress-busting resources, limited support and with feelings that their employer does not realise or fully understand the full extent of the problem.

And as National Stress Awareness Day approaches on November 7, companies are being encouraged to tackle the issue of the illness within work.

Companies have a legal obligation under the Health and Safety At Work Act to ensure the welfare of their workforce, which includes taking steps to avoid stress related illnesses as a result of work.

Lisburn woman Beth Gibb of Beth Gibb Associates runs a training and consultancy company designed to offer a preventative rather than a curative solution to stress both in the workplace and outside.

She not only promotes well being and development but helps companies take steps to bring about a healthy workforce and business.

Beth said: "Being in a prolonged stressful environment without respite has severe implications on your health.

"Each case of stress related ill health leads to an average of 30.9 working days lost per employee at an estimated cost of over �330m each year to businesses.

"Stress is not a weakness, it is a sign of our humanity but has to be acknowledged."

Some of Beth's advice to cope with stress include finding free time, positive thinking and actions, going for a walk, drinking less coffee - the amount of caffeine consumed can be very negative to health.

Beth's company tries to help companies meet their duty of care by tackling topics such as the HSE Management Standards and Competencies, Work/Life Balance, Assertivenes, Dealing with Change, Communication Skills and other personal development courses. Training sessions are also available for the general public.

More information is available by emailing Beth on

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