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`Bobbies on bicycles' in Saintfield


The two new police bicycles on display at the Down District Policing Partnership Meeting. Also included are from left: Liam McLernon, DDPP Manager, Constable Alan McGregor, Desmond Patterson, DDPP Chairman, District Commander Superintendent Ralph Taggart, Constable Mark Gracey and Chief Inspector Peter Loughins.

'BOBBIES on bicycles' will be putting in an appearance in Saintfield shortly.

Two new cycles have been purchased by the Down District Policing Partnership for use in the Rowallane Sector which includes both Saintfield and nearby Crossgar.

The machines were unveiled at the Partnership's public meeting last week which heard crime has fallen right across the district over the past nine months.

However, on a more somber note criminal damage has increased during the same period by almost 23 per cent.

Superintendent Ralph Taggart, attending his last meeting before taking up a new position in Craigavon described the criminal damage as 'sporadic' but acknowledged there was a need to tackle it as it affected the whole of the district.

He stressed people needed to come forward if they knew who was involved in criminal activity.

"I can understand people are in fear and afraid to give names but in order to address these situations we need their help," he told the meeting.

It was announced at the meeting that ASBOs are to be used as the latest weapon in the fight against anti-social behaviour in Down District.

Several individuals have already been earmarked as being suitable for anti-social behaviour orders which are due to come into effect from April.

The new District Commander following Mr. Taggart's departure will be Chief Superintendent Graham Shields.

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