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`If I were the Mayor'

Rebecca MillsLOCAL girl Rebecca Mills who is a pupil at Friends Prep took first prize in the P7 Short Story Section of this year's Lisburn Arts Advisory Council Schools' Arts Competition.

Rebecca's story 'Mayor for a Day' described what she would do if she were Mayor of Lisburn for 24 hours. She then had to read her prize-winning story in front of the real Mayor, Councillor Trevor Lunn.

This is Rebecca's account of what she would do if she were 'Mayor for a Day': "If I was Mayor of Lisburn for a day I would like to make some changes that would help the people of Lisburn and also make a small difference to the whole world. I would try to let the people of Lisburn have some fun as well. "First of all I would bring an ice-cream fair to Lisburn. I would hire lots of ice-cream carts, three dairy farmers with. their cows and their equipment and some ice-cream makers. I hope this would be fun for children and maybe the grown-ups as well.


"The other thing I would like to do is to organise a world record day. People would try and make their own records and then try to beat them. I could make a Lisburn records book.

"There are some environmentally friendly ideas I have for Lisburn as well. I would buy two very large fields and make them into a community garden for people who don't have gardens in Lisburn.

"Everyone would receive a free tree sapling to plant in the garden when they joined. I would try and make a club for children to learn more about the environment.


" This would be good for educational reasons. They would learn more about the use of solar energy, wind power and about recycling.

"I am quite interested in saving energy and so I would send a letter to everyone in Lisburn to tell them they would soon be receiving a free low energy light bulb in the post. This is mainly to save energy and to help save the plane from global warming.

"I would enjoy my day going to a Lisburn art gallery or visiting farms in the area. I would also make time to spend with the public e.g. going to visit hospitals, residential homes and charties. I would donate money to charities including the U.S.P.C.A animal home."

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