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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


Charles Hurst close Renault dealership in Lisburn


CHARLES Hurst Renault dealership on Lisburn's Belfast Road.CHARLES Hurst are to close their Renault dealership on Lisburn's Belfast Road.

The company has announced plans to relocate to the Boucher Road in Belfast.

The move will not affect the Vauxhall dealership which operates on the same site.

It follows the company's relocation of their Jaguar dealership from Portadown to Boucher Road.

There are currently 15 people employed at the. Lisburn Renault dealership but Charles Hurst says most of the staff will be re-deployed elsewhere within the company.

A Charles Hurst spokesperson commented: "This proposal has been made in consultation with Renault UK, taking into account their current and future volume expectations in the Northern Ireland market

"Should the proposal proceed, the intention would be to cover the Lisburn territory from our flagship Renault dealership in Boucher Road in Belfast.

"There are currently 15 people employed in this dealership, which, has been in Charles Hurst's ownership since 2000. In the event that the dealership closes, we anticipate being able to re-deploy most of the staff within the Charles Hurst Group, to fill existing vacancies."

Lisburn Mayor, Councillor Ronnie Crawford, said he was "disappointed" the city would be losing business, but he hoped local people would support the remaining dealerships m Lisburn.

Mr Crawford said: "It is reducing the element of choice for the people of Lisburn. Hurst's recently closed their Jaguar dealership at Carn in Portadown and moved it to Boucher Road so it is quite obvious they see Boucher Road as their headquarters.

'Unfortunately the reality of the motor trade at the minute means they are not finding it economical to run it here.

"It is disappointing for any business to be lost in Lisburn but fortunately there are still plenty of car dealerships in the city and I hope people will fully support them to keep business within Lisburn."

Ulster Star