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Jennifer sheds over seven stone


WeightWatchers' Bernie Walsh presents Jennifer Cobbett with an award for losing 100Ibs / 7st 2lbs through the WeightWatcher plan. US2108-403PM

WeightWatchers' Bernie Walsh presents Jennifer Cobbett with an award for losing 100Ibs / 7st 2lbs through the WeightWatcher plan. US2108-403PM

LISBURN woman Jennifer Cobbett has lost 100 pounds - and she is over the moon about it.

100 pounds Jennifer did not mind losing

Jennifer has shed over seven stone since joining the local WeightWatchers group just over two years ago, to go from a size 24 to a size 12.

Jennifer reached the landmark total in recent weeks and was presented with a special certificate to mark the feat, however she is still determined to reach her eight stone target.

Jennifer explained, "I had always wanted to lose weight but what motivated me to go to WeightWatchers was when a girl I know lost weight with them. I said to her that I wanted to lose weight but that I would miss crisps and chocolate. She told me that essentially you didn't have to give up what I like eating, you just have to choose healthier versions and eat less of them.

Jennifer Cobbett before she lost 100Ibs / 7st 2lbs through the WeightWatcher plan."It is really not a diet," said Jennifer, "it is not about eating new food, it is about making better choices and eating better foods. In class you get all the latest tips, other members will bring in food packets showing foods that are low fat and tasty. I don't classify it as a diet; it is a change of lifestyle."

Jennifer, who has shed 7st 2lbs to go from 19st 4.5Ibs to 12st 2lbs, said that her confidence has risen from her weight loss and spoke of the effects being overweight had on her life.

"There was only one shop I could shop in to get clothes to fit me. Other than that all I could do was to mail order from catalogues so that I didn't have to go into a shop and try clothes on, where I would face the possibility it wouldn't fit me and I would have to go out and get a bigger size. My wardrobe was very limited when I was overweight, now I am a 12/14 and I can shop in whatever shop I want to. Overall I'm more confident in any situation, It's not just clothes, I'm more confident going out and talking to people as well. '

Jennifer is continuing on her weight loss journey, having set herself a target of losing eight stone. She commented, "I'm hoping to get to 1 1st 4.5lbs, that's the target I set for myself."

Speaking about her WeightWatchers experience Jennifer said, "There were no expectations. I lost one and a half to two and a half pounds a week, I had five stone off in the first year, as it gets lower it gets more difficult. Sometimes you expect to lose more and you get downhearted but Bernie keeps you going, she has been my rock and has kept me motivated."

Jennifer plans to continue with WeightWatchers once she hits her target weight and she would recommend the programme to anyone looking to lose weight.

"Anybody who is in anyway unhappy with their weight should go," she said. "Men, women, anyone should go along. I was terrified going on my own but Bernie was really relaxed, she just weighed me and told me I was l9st 4.5Ibs and said let's go for the 18 stone range, she was happy for me to lose half a pound to one pound a week, losing one pound a week adds up to four stone a year. "The difference in my life is like night and day," Jennifer concluded.

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