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The day the Bleachers took on Derry City

Pat Munster recalls the day Lambeg Bleachers & Dyers took on Deny City in the Irish Cup back in 1959.MEMORIES of an Irish Cup tie back in 1959 were rekindled this week when Star reader Wesley McClenaghan dropped a match programme into the office.

It was a game between local side Lambeg Bleachers & Dyers and Irish League giants Derry City in the Irish Cup back in January, 1959.

"My wife's brother the late Jim Richardson played in the match but we only discovered the programme after her father recently passed away," explained Wesley.

"I thought it might stir some memories on what was a big day for the Lisburn side."

Sadly, some of the players have passed away, but one man who played in the game was Pat Munster and he was able to give us an insight to the David v Goliath cup tie.

"I only played a few games for Lambeg Bleachers & Dyers but I was lucky to be involved in this one," said Pat. "I was playing with Glenavon at that time but was in dispute with them. I had sustained cracked ribs and was out injured and unable to work. They would not pay my wages so while this was going on I ended up with the Bleachers.

"It was a great day. Derry City were a big side and they put a very strong team out for this cup tie. We lost 2-0 if I can remember correctly, but we gave a very good account of ourselves. A lot of people thought it was going to be a slaughtering match, but we played really well.

"I moved on shortly after this and sign professional terms with Bangor, but I did strike up a good friendship with the Lambeg striker Stevie Irwin."

As you can see from the picture the Derry City team all signed the programme. Their team, which won the Irish Cup in 1954, included: Charlie Heffron, Bobby Brolly, Tommy Houston, Digger Smyth, Barney Travers, Marty McDermott, Frankie Haslett, Matt Doherty, Frankie Campbell, Joe Harris and Eddie Nash.

The names we know for the Lambeg team are as follows: Joe Shields (goalkeeper), Ernie Coard, Pat Munster, Billy (Buffer) Andrews, Houston, Kiblashan, Watson, Kennedy, Stevie Irwin, Davis and Jim Richardson.

The referee was Mr Ditchburn from Morecambe.

Pat still keeps in touch with the current Irish League scores with grandson Paul playing for Linfield while his nephew David plays for Newry City.

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