"The Church in the Rolling Hills"

Two Hundred and Fifty Years




The Lord our God be with us,
as he was with our fathers;
Let him not leave us,
nor forsake us:  1 Kings 8:57

Then he shall go out in the
year of jubilee, both He,
and His children with him.
 Leviticus 25:54





We wish to acknowledge our appreciation for the valued assistance we have received in assembling this review of our interesting past and bygone days.

We would especially like to thank the following: -

Mr Robert Bonner, Presbyterian Historical Society, Church House.

The staff of the Ballynahinch and Saintfield Libraries.

The members of the three congregations who supplied material of Historical Interest.

Reverend Kenneth McConnell B.D. for the many splendid and attractive pictures of groups from the organisations in the three churches, for his sustained encouragement and support with all our Jubilee Year Commemorations.

Mrs Thelma McGladdery and June Kirkpatrick for their expertise, help and support.

Mrs Hazel Kirk for her dedication and commitment to typing this review for our Jubilee Year.



Rev Kenneth McConnell, B.D.History so we are told is not so much about dates as people. Likewise the history of a church must focus more attention on people than places. The people of Boardmills are very conscious of this fact as we celebrate two hundred and fifty years of church witness along Church Road.
Much has changed in that time. Gone are many of the small Crofters' cottages and plain farm dwellings. In their place we find elegant bungalows and elaborate mansions. Fashions have undergone change with fewer ladies donning bonnets. Transportation to and from church is radically swifter these days. Shank's pony and the old jaunting car are superseded by four wheel drive jeeps and fuel injected cars. Horse-drawn ploughs have been overtaken by juggernaut tractors. The occupation of many church goers has witnessed a rapid decline in farm hands with more members coming from the business or professional classes. Yet one thing hasn't changed, namely the desire of all classes to worship God. This is still the innate desire of all believers.

For as a poet once said-:

"One who knows God worships God
  As you worship so you serve"

It was born out of this hunger to worship God that a real need was found for the erection of a local meeting house. Over the centuries one house evolved into three, and back again into one united congregation, although we still maintain three buildings. Yet as another wise sage said:

"True worship doesn't depend on preacher, or place, but on the attitude of the heart".

Aware of that fact, people here are striving to remain true worshippers, as well as taking an old fashioned pride in keeping God's meeting house well furnished. The people at large are country worshippers at heart. As such it is their prayerful wish that God might send a revival so that many of our neighbours and friends might be attracted to Christ and found to be swelling the ranks of our congregation. Then that generation can begin to chart another story in the history of Boardmills. Who knows there may be another historian who shares the enthusiasm of Mr Fox, to whom we are indebted for collating all the information in this book.

May God continue to bless this Hamlet.

May we have great plans for this area to prosper and bless it beyond our wildest dreams.

May God bless all who share our joy in celebrating our Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary.