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The Lisburn by-election of February 1863 was called for by the resignation of Jonathan Richardson, who had held the seat as a Conservative, since 1857. Of the two candidates, John Dougherty Barbour (son of Hilden mill owner William Barbour) was a Radical, Edwin Wingfield Verner a Tory. Lisburn itself was a staunchly Tory town. The by-election reached an all-time low in political chicanery and graft. Hilden House, the Barbour family seat, became a virtual prison camp for nine days before the election, as twenty voters were wined, dined, amused and kept in a state of perpetual intoxication, to secure their votes for Barbour. Barbour, in fact, won by six votes but was suspended and unseated in the following June, on charges of coercion and bribery of voters (note the remarks about payment to voters, which John Rea refers to in the Appendix). For information on the by-election, see J. F. Burns, 'Jigging to the fiddle at Hilden. An infamous Lisburn by-election recalled', Lisburn Historical Society Journal, vol. 5, December 1984. An article on Barbour, by the present writer, also appears in the same volume. It is not known from where this list of voters originated. It is thought, however, to have been given to the Society some years ago by J. Millar Allen, a Lisburn solicitor.

Trevor Neill

Editor's Note

John Rea, a Belfast solicitor, whose acerbic and amusing observations are appended to this list of voters, was a well-known character during the second half of the 19th century. Strongly anti-Tory, he spent considerable energy trying to break up the Conservative party in Ulster. Unstable and quarrelsome, he frittered away his ability in local squabbles and ended his life mistrusted by all political parties. He committed suicide on 17 May 1881, at the age of fifty-nine.



Held on 21st February, 1863:




EDWARD WINGFIELD VERNER, Esquire - Proposed by Jonathan Richardson Esq., of Glenmore, and seconded by Mr. Redmond Jefferson, of Bow Street.

JOHN DOUGHERTY BARBOUR, Esquire-Proposed by Mr. Hugh McCall, Pawnbroker, and seconded by Mr. James Mussen, Cross Row, Calico-seller.


1 William Chapman Seymour Street 71 Alex Titterington Market Square
2 Thomas Coon do. 72 Patrick Woods do.
3 Samuel Kennedy do. 73 Samuel Wright do.
4 James Kidd do. 74 George Beattie do.
5 Thomas Killen do. 75 John Anderson do.
6 James Knox do. 76 John Bell do.
7 JamesMillen do. 77 George Carlisle Piper Hill
8 James Turner do. 78 Samuel Hall do.
9 David Wilson do. 79 Michael Savage do.
10 Jas. B. Brown, Tailor, Castle Street 80 Thomas Magee Smithfield
11 W. S. Darkin do. 81 Edward Savage do.
12 John Doherty do. 82 James Savage do.
13 James Friars do. 83 James Crawford Market Lane
14 Dr. J. J. Kelso do. 84 Robert Miller do.
15 Dr. Samuel Musgrave do. 85 John Brown Bow Street
16 Mathew McCloy do. 86 James Cairns do.
17 Robert McConnell do. 87 John Finlay do.
18 Mathew J. Smyth do. 88 George Geoghegan do.
19 Dr. Wm. Thompson do. 89 James A. Green do.
20 James Turtle do. 90 John K. Green do.
21 George Wilson do. 91 Rev. John Harkin do.
22 Thos. Breathwaite Tailor, do. 92 George Robert Hill do.
23 Joseph Bell Railway St 93 John King do.
24 David Carlisle do. 94 Timothy Loughlin do.
25 Edward Higginson do. 95 John Laverty do.
26 James Mussen do. 96 Thomas Laverty do.
27 Henry Nugent do. 97 Author Macrtney do.
28 John Stevenson do. 98 Hugh McCall do.
29 William Williamson do. 99 Daniel McLernon do.
30 Rev. Mr. Bickerdith do. 100 Robert Reid do.
31 Arthur Atkinson Bridge SL 101 James Rice do.
32 Jos. Balmer do. 102 John Rice do.
33 Peter Convery do. 103 Clarke Rice do.
34 Robert Cordner do. 104 J. J. Richardson do.
35 Edward Donaghey do. 105 Robert Waterhouse do.
36 William Dunwoody do. 106 George Wilson do.
37 John Fitzpatrick do. 107 Robert Wilson do.
38 John Heaney do. 108 William Young do.
39 George Maxwell do. 109 Samuel Young do.
40 Henry McGann do. 110 Samuel Bennett Auto, Lane
41 Hugh McCaughey do. 111 John Brownlee Hillsborough Rd
42 Samuel McConnell do. 112 William Brownlee do.
43 Joseph McKnight do. 113 Patrick Mulholland do.
44 Wm. John Reynolds do. 114 Arthur Ferris Chapel Hill
45 Scott Hamilton do. 115 Charles Maguire do.
46 William Walsh do. 116 John Orr do.
47 Peter Walsh do. 117 William Brady, Sen. Longstone
48 Henry Watson do. 118 William Brady, Jun. do.
49 Francis Williamson do. 119 Thomas Donaghan do.
50 Robert Wilson do. 120 John McDonald do.
51 Michael Woods do. 121 William Neill do.
52 Wm. John Young do. 122 John Phillips do.
53 James Boyd Market Square 123 Robert Barbour do.
54 Dr. John Campbell do. 124 Rev. Edward Kelly Lisnagarvey
55 William Connelly do. 125 Thomas Kennedy do.
56 George Duncan do. 126 Robert Kennedy do.
57 William Remnant, do. 127 James Barbour Hilden
58 Russel Kennedy do. 128 William Barbour do.
59 Henry Major do. 129 Robert Ardill do.
60 Dr. Michael Meharg do. 130 James Allister Largymore
61 John Miller do. 131 William Johnston do.
62 Robert Mussen do. 132 John Long do.
63 David McBlain do. 133 William John Magee do.
64 Joseph McClure do. 134 David Brady Old Warren
65 Thomas McCreight do. 135 Thomas Herrald Back Lane
66 John McIntyre do. 136 Thomas Dornan Linen Hall Street
67 Lee McKinstry do. 137 Albert Dawson Island Mill
68 Bryson Pelan do. 138 Samuel Shaw Belfast
69 James Phillips do. 138 Alexander Richardson Lambeg
70 Mrs Savage do. 140 Philip F. Richardson do.


1 Thomas Dornan Seymour Street 71 William Stevenson Bow Street
2 Rev. H. Hodson do. 72 George Thompson do.
3 William Newell do. 73 William Tumblety do.
4 Rev. R. L. Scott do. 74 Win. John Vaughan do.
5 John Backas Castle Street 75 William Corry Antrim Lane
6 John Birney do. 76 Arthur Johnston do.
7 James Bolton do. 77 James Bannister Antrim Road
8 Moses Bullick do. 78 James Corken do.
9 James Ward Coulson do. 79 George Campbell Hillsborough Rd
10 John Cree do. 80 William Taylor do.
11 Rev. R. A. Devcrs do. 81 Robert Bell Chapel Hill
12 Edward Johnston do. 82 John Bell do.
13 Joshua Pim do. 83 Richard Braithwaite do.
14 Alexander McKinsey do. 84 William Galloway do.
15 Robert Thompson do. 85 William Hanna do.
16 Lucas Waring do. 86 John Hermon do.
17 John Graham Railway Street 87 William Singleton do.
18 Hugh Kelly do. 88 William Dempsey Longstone
19 Wm. John Knox do. 89 James Lappen do.
20 William Stuart do. 90 James Laverty do.
21 James Allester Bridge Street 91 Thomas McClusky do.
22 Alexander Downey do. 92 William McDonald do.
23 Andrew Johnston do. 93 Samuel Stevenson do.
24 Carl Klinger do. 94 Robert Blackburn Knockmore
25 George McCullough do. 95 Joseph Blackburne do.
26 Robert McCully do. 96 *George Briggs do.
27 James Verner do. 97 Robert Corbitt do.
28 Robert Willis do. 98 ames S. Dawson do.
29 Carlisle Wilson do. 99 John Golden do.
30 Samuel Young do. 100 Joseph Gordon do.
31 Edward Boomer Market Square 101 George Hodgin do.
32 William Graham do. 102 John McBride do.
33 John Kinghan do. 103 Ralph Orr do.
34 David Mack do. 104 James Parke do.
35 Matthew Mussen do. 105 John Pocks Tonagh
36 Adam McClure do. 106 Thomas Johnston do.
37 George McIlroy do. 107 Robert Knuckle do.
38 Jacob Bannister do. 108 Francis Turner do.
39 James Bell do. 109 Edward Wylie do.
40 George Bell do. 110 James Doyle Lisnagarvey
41 Henry Bell Smithfield 111 Patrick Gelson do.
42 Daniel Giant do. 1212 John Major do.
43 Wm. Henry Lavery do. 113 William Wilson do.
44 George Wilson do. 114 David Graham** Largymore
45 William Watson Market Street 115 William Blackburn do.
46 Thomas McBride do. 116 Adam Blackburn do.
47 Robert Munce do. 117 Edward Hogg Old Warren
48 Hugh Kain do. 118 Robert McCann do.
49 Arthur Gamble do. 119 Charles Gribben do.
50 John Allester Bow Street 120 William Conn Back Lane
51 James Allen do. 121 Thomas McBride Magheralave
52 Gilbert Armstrong do. 122 William Wilson do.
53 David Beatty do. 123 John Pennington Sen. Magheralave Road
54 John Belshaw do. 124 John Pennington Jun. do.
55 John Boomer do. 125 Rev. Thos. Cosgrave Lambeg Glebe
56 James Clarke do. 126 Henry John Garrett Warren Cottage
57 Henry Dickey do. 127 Joseph Hull James Street
58 Alexander Hanna do. 128 Samuel Johnston Johnston', Entry
59 Wm. John Harvey do. 129 William Maule Town View
60 Thomas Harvey do. 130 Jonathan Richardson Gamma,
61 Thomas Jefferson do. 131 William H. Ward London
62 Redmond Jefferson do. 132 William Wilson Ballymacross
63 John Jordan do. 133 William Gregg Derryvolgie
64 John Kain do. 134 John G. Richardson Moyallen
65 James Lappen do.
66 Robert Lynass do. * See Appendix
67 Denis Munce do. **
68 David McNight do.      
69 Thomas R. Pelan do.
70 Thomas Savage do.      

The following were neutral, and did not vote:

 (c. Conservative;       L. Liberal;      R. Radical)

1c Rev. W. Carther Castle St. 17c Arthur Gamble Bow Street
2c John McClure do. 18c Rev. James Johnston do.
3c John Richardson Sen. do. 19c Alexander Kerman do.
4c Very Rev. Dean Stannus do. 20c John Ruddy do.
5c Thomas Stannus do. 21c Robert Stewart do.
6c George Stephenson do. 22c Reney Bonner do.
7c Rev. W. E. Breakey Railway St. 23c James Brown Longstone
8c James Maze do. 24c Thomas Fawcett do.
9c Hugh Seeds do. 25c Robert Allister Largymore
10c James A. Stewart do. 26c Hugh Con. Linenhall St.
11c George Wilson do. 27c James McKeown Millbrmk
12c Wm. Tom, Bridge St.. 28c John Owden Brooklands
13c Wm. B,B do. 29c Alex. Riddell Belfast
14c James Halliday do. 30c Jonthn. Richardson Lambeg
15c James Silcock Market Sq. 31c John Richardson do.
16c Wm. Coulson do. 32c W. T. Stannus Manor House


1. John Gardiner, Australia 2. Win. H. Reilly, Australia 3. John McKnight, America


1 John Brady, Longstone 3 John Hill, Lambeg South.
2 Thomas Corry, Chapel Hill* 4 William Richardson, Belfast.
For Mr. Barbour 140
Neutral    32
Dead   4
Left town 3
Total on List 313

* JOHN BRADY & THOMAS CORRY -The two sons of Brady and Carry were carried off to Hilden, kept there for several days, and then dragged up to the poll, and made to PERSONATE THEIR DEAD FATHERS for Mr. Barbour. But Mr. Vemer's friends being aware of their intention, they were watched and detected, and their disgraceful trick upset, the oath on being put to them being a pill to hard for them to swallow. Corry was forced against his will, and will make Barbour pay smart for the trick.


10. JAMES B. BROWN (Tailor). - This man of TRUTH and principle KINDLY promised to Mr. Verner's friends to go out of the road and remain neutral, provided he was paid £25 for doing so. This MODEST request was refused. He was then called on by his patron the "Captain" to whom he have his hand and promise that he would NOT VOTE AT ALL for either party. But, in accordance with his well-known disposition for TELLING LIES, he afterwards broke his pledge and voted for Barbour receiving for his vote a promise of support in trade from the Hildenites, and the handsome little sum of £45 in hard cash to buy a tailor's goose, a new dress for the wife and playthings for the children. This HONOURABLE tailor, and his Br. Breathwaite, were most useful in returning the man who paid them best.

19. DR- WM. THOMPSON -Dr. Thompson made the Conservatives of Lisburn a most ungrateful return for supporting his friend Colonel Hogg, by now turning round and voting for Radical Barbour. For shame, Doctor! Shame on you! YOU'RE NO PROTESTANT.

22. THOMAS BREATHWAITE- This other tailor, so dependent on the patronage of Dandy Jim, the Cross row rotten, turn-coat, renegade Orangeman, promised to vote for Verner, stating that his Protestant PRINCIPLES would not let him support a Radical. Verner was expecting his promised vote, but like Brown, his worthy "brother chip", came cantering and prancing into the Square, like a half-made race horse, at the last hour; and having exhibited himself in public competition for a short time he was knocked down to Dandy Jim, the calicoseller, he being the highest bidder, at the moderate price of £100!!! Jim's well-known preconcerted signal being given, the tailor swallowed the bait like a hungry pike, and with the swiftness of an Arab steed he hurried to the booth, with Jim at his back, and plumbed his vote with a vengence for Barbour. Hurra for the principles of gentlemen tailors!!

26. JAMES MUSSEN - Got for his vote and doing their dirty work, the stock of Barbour & Sons, which was valued for the sum of £2,000!!!

34. ROBERT CORDNER - This unprincipled creature, who is better known as "Chitty, the Methodist Hypocrite", promised to vote for Verner, but kept the house till the last hour, when, after having HONESTLY effected a secret sale of his "stock-in-trade" at 40 per cent. over market price, and victimised Barbour & Sons, he was brought up from Bridge Street with his head among his feet, like a half-bung rebel; and while ashamed to lift his eyes lest be should be mesmerised by those of a true Vernite, he plodded His way into the Radical camp and voted for Barbour, -his nett profit for the job for body soul and vote being £450 17 6!!

This worthy Methodist hurried home to PRAY OVER IT, and was heard pouring forth these beautiful words with a fervour, which he with greatest ease can utter--`I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord than dwell in the tents of wickedness." Wretched hypocritel! He had to get £75 to lift a bill out of the bank in Lisburn, before he would vote for Colonel Hogg at last election.

42. SAMUEL McCONNELL- This little scoundrel, who turned into a lathe, in his own shop, the 1000 bludgeons for Barbour', blackguards to split the heads of Mr. Verner's friends, got £100 for his vote and villany. In the evening, after the election was over, he quitely stole to Salem, got down on his knees, and prayed over it, like his hypocrite neighbour Cordner. His own sister-in-law and others who happened to be there, were disgusted with his hypocrisy, knowing as they did, the full extent of his rascality but a few hours before. He prayed away till language failed him, when at last he grew black in the face and like a conscience-stricken criminal, cried aloud -"O mercy! merry! mercy! Woe is me, for I am undone! O wretched man that I am!" He was carried home on the backs of his friends David Carlisle and ranting, canting, hypocrite Boyd. The unprincipled conduct of the latter at the last election of Hogg, is not unknown to most of the people of Lisburn. When they reached Bridge Street, and these two class-leaders sat down together, to count and laugh over tire notes of which they had plundered poor Dougherty Barbour!

53 JAMES BOYD -£611 for vote.

66 JOHN McINTYRE- Cost Barbour £100 exclusive of £30, the amount of a decree under which he was arrested on the morning of the poll.

74 GEORGE BEATTIE -£100 for open house and vote.

85 JOHN BROWN -£80 for vote to buy a horse.

88 GEORGE GEOGHEGAN -£40 for vote.

89 JAMES A. GREEN-This old sinner promised faithfully to vote for Verner stating that, if he did otherwise, the very bones of his ancestors would rise up in judgement against him! He broke his promise, however, and voted for Barbour; and he is now repenting in sackcloth and ashes, sitting alone in the Bath chair at the four of his garden. Poor old man! the bones are rising against you!

94 TIMOTHY LOUGHLIN -£75 for vote, and killing Mr. Beatty.

98 HUGH McCALL-£500 for vote, and doing all the dirty work.

100 ROBERT REID - Promised to vote for Verner. vowing that Barbour's, PRINCIPLES did not please him; but finding that Barbour's, MONEY was flowing in abundance, be got on one of his usual drunken "Sprees" hired his house to the Barbourites, had numerous midnight revelries; and after the Doctor had delivered him, and the clergy had got him out of bed again, he got for his rooms, whiskey and vote, £135!! "Well done;" says Reid. "Barbour and the Butchers for ever!"

Alas, Reid! your PRINCIPLE is your POCKET. You may soon shut up shop altogether, and take another six weeks' drunken fit under the blankets, with a gallon of whiskey between your legs. Your money-making days are gone, never more to return.

121 WILLIAM NEILL (Stewart Hill)-£75 for his vote.

122 JOHN PHILLIPS- Got £40.

123 REV. EDWARD KELLY -£100 for vote, and masses for Old Charley's soul.

131 WILLIAM JOHNSTON -f40 from "Calcraft," of Bridge End.

132 JOHN LONG-Same amount from "Calcraft."


M,CANN'S patent cannon, now well proved to be superior to the "Armstrong gun," still continues to pour shot, shell, grape and canister into the ranks of the Radical camp. There is no doubt at all that his powerful artillery will keep up a constant heavy fire, till he shall not only silence every battery of the enemy, but shall blow up John Dougherty Barbour through the roof of St. Stephen's, and scatter his ashes to the winds.


' GEORGE BRIGGS - Although INNOCENT George gave his vote al last to Verner, it is well known that he (like his friend Davy) had previously DONE THE WORK for Barbour ON THE SLY, and he says he was OFFERED £200 for his services by one of Barbour's leaders; and some of these brave, jolly fellows have lately, while inhaling the pleasant fumes of a dozen tumblers of Tom McCreight's POISON, enjoyed a hearty laugh as they exclaimed - `Well Boys, poor Barbour paid dear for the roast, for £200 and nothing less, was canny George's price". But of course SOFT and SIMPLE George could not think of accepting such a tempting offer, so easily earned, and so seldom to be caught; and at once- while blushing like a young bride at the altar, with one of his naturally child-like smiles, a significant look, and a little nod of the head-he begged to be excused if he declined accepting such a handsome and valuable gift; he hoped that in doing so he did not offend Mr. Barbour's friend, and politely refused it! To be sure he did. "Well done", says George. `Hurra! hurra! hurra! "Verner for ever," but I'll put Barbour into Parliament!

"Oh Johnny, my darling! you kissed my own cosey wife,
And shoved my £200 down her we (sic) diddy-house".

** DAVID GRAHAM - This TRUE BLUE ORANGEMAN, but better known as "Calcraft," came out strong at once, and in the house of his friend Young, in Bridge Street, at eleven o'clock on a Saturday night, declared his LOYAL principles in good style, having first drowned his Orange colours in a tumbler of Sam's good brandy, his favourite beverage. Being primed and loaded, he then fired off, avowing himself a true Barbourite; that he would support Barbour as far as in his power; that it was the duty of every one to support him, no matter about his principles; that he would get him ten votes for every one of Verner's, who, he vowed, would be beaten by a large majority; that the present Government should be overturned, and Barbour sent to Parliament .

Having so far displayed his LOYALTY to the Protestant cause, his brother W. J. Wilson took him up warmly, and accused him of want of principle, and inconsistency as an Orangeman, and being a traitor to the cause he had been pretending to serve; and like a real true blue, defended the Protestant cause.

Davy could not any longer stand Wilson's fire, and took to his heels, through Sam's back door into the yard, attempting to climb over a shed and reach the graveyard by scaling the wall. However, he soon returned back, pale as death, and out of breath, giving unmistakeable evidence of having met the ghost of some departed one, whose repose in the tomb had been disturbed by the rattle of Davy's PRAYER-BOOK on his grave-being the well-thumbed PACK OF CARDS, which were exhibited at head-quarters. Orange Sam, or "no surrender," then came to his relief, and permitted his departure by another route, and he flew to Bridge-end in grief.

Having been so useful in procuring the return of his radical favourite to Parliament, he boasted to his friend James Long that he could sport £100 of Barbour's money, which he had for eight or ten days in his pocket: but that as second thoughts were sometimes best, he had quietly handed it to Robert Kennedy, a near friend of his own candidate, to keep for him till after the investigations should be over at head-quarters, saying that he did not care a farthing, should he only "get a hearing" so that he might swear himself innocent of having any of Barbour's money. In this, however, he was doomed to be disappointed; for Protestant McCann's never-failing artillery, which he brought to bear on Davy, was too powerful. The battle was soon fought and the victory won; and Davy's "prayer-book" sent off to the Royal Museum in London, no longer to be allowed disturb the ashes of the departed saints.