Loughaghery Presbyterian Church




This is the story of our church. When it was suggested that I write a history, a seed had been sown, and I thought why not "note it in a book for the time to come."

In perusing the archives I made the discovery that I have long connections with the congregation. My ancestors go back to the beginning of last century and probably long before that. In the year 1800 my paternal great-great-great-grandfather was an elder and at the same time my two great-great grandfathers James Scott, Clintagh and James Stewart, Burren were young men with young families. (James Stewart later, in 1849 became an elder.) The baptisms of my great-grandfather John Scott and great-grandmother, Betty Stewart, are recorded in the first decade of 1800 as is their marriage in 1833, and so on down the line to me. I am the sixth generation. The Stewarts, Burren, have left the scene as far as the church is concerned and I am the last of the Scotts of Clintagh, as unfortunately my children and grandchildren are all across the water.

My father and husband were both elders.

Such was my fathers interest in the place, that a lady once said of him 'That if Loughaghery fell John Scott would be found among the ruins." a lovely compliment I think.

I wish to thank Mr. McConaghy for lending me all the old records, Mrs. Gourley for typing, Mrs. Irvine for the loan of her typewriter and Mr. Colin Stanfield for helping with the publishing. Pleasant reading to you all.

Mary Eddie.

I came to live in the district in 1939 and joined the Church. I became involved in Sunday School work in 1940 and on Mr. Irvine's retirement in 1951 I was appointed to succeed him as Superintendent.

During Rev. Creelman's ministry the Young Peoples Guild was formed in 1943. I was a foundation member and became involved in all its activities. During the Ministry of Rev. Rankin the Senior G.A., the Intermediate and the Junior G.A. came into being and were well supported by the girls until the closure of the organisation in Church House.

I wish to thank all who helped in any way with the production of this little book.

Mary A. Reid June 1988.