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Drumlough Presbyterian Church

Drumlough Presbyterian Church, established in 1818.

Drumlough Presbyterian Church, established in 1818.

Rev. Gareth McFadden

Rev. Gareth McFadden

Rafferty’s Hill, Drumlough.

Minister: Rev. Gareth McFadden

Telephone: 9268 2394

Minister Emeritus: Rev. Scott Martin

Sunday services:

Morning: 12.00 noon

Evening: 6.30pm

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A memorial asking for weekly supplies was sent from local residents to the Synod of Ulster in 1816. A second followed in 1817 and its prayer was granted on 30th June 1818. Taken under the care of the Presbytery of Dromore, the congregation was instructed not to ordain a minister until the debt of the meeting-house was liquidated.

The first minister was Mr.Samuel Crory (lic. Dromore), ordained on 23rd March 1819 when the charge was given by Rev. Dr. Henry Cooke. In 1841 there were 280 seat holders, 240 communicants, and 1750 persons in the congregation. The annual stipend was £50. Mr. Crory resigned after 34 years and died on 19th May 1860. He was followed by Mr. John McClelland (lic. Banbridge) who was ordained on 2nd July 1855. A new manse was built about 1880 and after another lengthy ministry of 37 years, Mr. McClelland died on 14th April 1907.

The third minister called was Mr. George Bell Shaw (lic. Down) who was ordained on 16th December 1891. His stay was short and he accepted a call to Claggan on 19th August 1894. An even briefer ministry was that of Mr. William Samuel Heron (lic. Toronto) who had been received by the General Assembly in 1894. He was ordained on 28th November 1894 and removed to Waringstown on 5th November 1895.

Two ministries of over 30 years followed. Mr. Thomas Bill (lic. Templepatrick 1893) was ordained on 13th May 1886 and died on 16th April 1941. The Rev. William Copes of First Bailieborough was installed on 25th June 1930 and retired on 8th November 1965. The congregation then called Rev. William Mathieson Gray (lic. Belfast North) who was ordained assistant in St. Enoch’, Belfast. He was installed on 23rd March 1967 and resigned on 29th June 1971 having been called to Dunlop Memorial, Belfast. The Rev. John Scott Martin, previously in Knowhead, Fahan and Inch was installed on 27th September 1972. There were in 1976, 106 families, 108 communicants and 270 individuals in the congregation.

The two congregations of Drumlough and Anahilt were united on 1st September 1974 and the Rev. Scott Martin, who had been installed in Drumlough in September 1972, became minister of the joint charge. Mr. Martin retired on 31st March 1997 and is now the Minister Emeritus. The current church hall was previously a schoolhouse, where Harry Ferguson was a notable past pupil.

The Rev. Gary Glasgow, previously assistant in Abbot’s Cross was installed as minister of both Drumlough and Anahilt Presbyterian Churches on 2nd September 1998 in Anahilt Presbyterian Church.