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St. Patrick’s Church Derriaghy

St. Patrick’s Church, Derriaghy.
St. Patrick’s Church, Derriaghy.

Derriaghy - St. Patrick’s Church

Barnfield Road, Derriaghy.

Parish Priest: Father Paul Byrne

Telephone: 9266 2896

Sunday Mass: 11.00am


Brief history as recorded in a book ‘Lisburn’s Rich Church Heritage’ by John Kelly

St Patrick’s, Derriaghy is the oldest church in Down and Connor and is the mother church of the wider Belfast area. A church has existed in Derriaghy for almost 1000 years. The earliest mention comes in a letter from Pope Innocent III on 26th May 1204. The first recorded parish priest of Derriaghy is the Rev Phelomy O’Hamill. He was ordained in Dublin in 1667 but it is not known when he was appointed to Derriaghy. It is believed that he died in Belfast Jail in 1709 and is buried in Lambeg Cemetery. The next parish priest was the Rev Magee (1709-1733). The Rev John McMullan followed him from 1733 until his death in 1772, aged 80 years. He is attributed with building St Patrick’s Church; he too is buried in Lambeg graveyard. It is not known when St Patrick’s was first built, probably the late 17th or early 18th century. The Rev McMullan rebuilt it in 1745 after it was damaged in 1744 and the present cross on the building bears the date 1745. On 12th May 1974 the church was badly damaged in a sectarian attack and in 1984 electricity was installed. The building was again attacked and badly damaged in 1986. Restoration work was carried out in 1987 when a new roof was added. The present parish priest, The
Very Rev Feargal McGrady, was installed in November 2004.

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