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'C U at the Cross' event is a spiritual and practical exercise

Wilson Archer who has organised the 'C U at the Cross' exercise in Moira.

Wilson Archer who has organised the 'C U at the Cross' exercise in Moira.

IF you have been in Moira the past few weeks you may have noticed a man holding a large cross in the village. Wilson Archer of Moira Baptist Church has been conducting what he describes as "a spiritual and a practical exercise". Wilson and friends of the church are doing this for 40 days sharing the good news of Jesus and what he did for us on the cross.

Wilson explained: "As well as the obvious addressing of the message of Jesus Christ through the cross, we've been able to meet many new people within the local community and also others who were visiting the local area.

"Bringing a 7ft cross onto the streets everyday seems to have become a bit of a talking point in Moira and there are not many people who haven't seen it at some point."

Asked about the response to the exercise so far Wilson said: "There have been various responses, but I must say that the majority have been good, both from those of faith and those of no practising Christian faith, and that's been encouraging.

"The message Jesus came with is life giving and positive and the things He did in the communities He walked among were life changing to all involved - Jesus brought life, healing and He brought love.

"Jesus was never conventional and over 2000 years later the symbol of the cross still gets a reaction - good, bad or indifferent, the cross gets a reaction." Wilson added: "As a ministry of Moira Baptist Church (MBC), we want people in the community we serve to be reminded of what Jesus did for them when He was crucified and rose again.

"John 3:16 is written on our cross and it's probably the most well known and self explanatory verse of the bible - 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life" he continued.

This is universal and true for all who will accept in faith, believing in heart as well as head. There is more to life, there is hope.

"We are merely standing on the street with a wooden cross, and we are thankful for the freedom to do this.

"Over the remainder of our Cross Vigil in Moira until May 15, why don't you come and say hello if you're passing by - we're easy to spot and wed love to C U @ THE CROSS!

We'd also love to see you at MBC and all the details you need can be found on our extensive website at Want to know more? - come and visit us." he said.

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