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Minister to speak about his battle with depression

Robert Robb with his wife Lynn.

Robert Robb with his wife Lynn.

LOCAL people are invited to attend a talk on Depression in Lisburn Reformed Presbyterian Church later this month, when Rev. Robert Robb will be addressing guests and speaking of his own experience of depression.

Rev. Robb said: "It was the worst two years of my life. I was 30 years old, married to a wonderful wife; had two lovely children and a good job as minister of Dromara Reformed Presbyterian Church. Everything in life was going well for us.

"Then suddenly, on Boxing Day 1990 the dark cloud of depression descended and our lives were turned upside down. I, who rarely showed my emotions, was weeping like a baby. I, who used to be so confident, was filled with fears and anxieties. I, who used to be so jovial and full of fun, was overcome with a deep indescribable sadness. I, who used to be so ambitious and positive, found that all my thoughts were negative and life seemed no longer worth living.

"I felt as though I had let everyone down and was an increasing burden to everyone around me. It's little wonder that my thoughts turned to suicide. Without the support of wife, family and others, I doubt if I would be here today.

"Thankfully the dark cloud that engulfed me back then is gone. There are times when the cloud returns, but now it is no longer black, but rather a sort of grey, and it only hovers around for a day or two because I have learned how to deal with it."

Over 300,000 people in Ireland suffer from depression. Perhaps you or someone near you is one of those sufferers. On Friday January 27 at 7.30pm, Rev. Robb will be giving a talk on the subject of Depression m Lisburn Reformed Presbyterian Church building (Nettlehill Road).

Mr Robb will speak from his own experience and identify some of its causes. He will also suggest helpful steps in dealing with depression. You are warmly invited to attend. There will be an opportunity for questions afterwards. For further information contact Rev Robert McCollum

Robert Robb is the pastor of a new and growing Reformed Presbyterian church in Enniskillen, where he and his wife Lynn moved three years ago. He has also established a Christian counselling ministry, called' Wits' End Ministries'. Robert is a keen long-distance runner, who ran six marathons in six days in six counties in 2008.

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