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1911 letter to Lisburn from an exile. 17/07/2012
“He used his gifts to help his fellow man” - William Calwell 30th July 1863 – 30th July 1953 06/06/2012
Davy Jones `Irish Tom Thumb' part 2 14/03/2012
Reading the signs 14/03/2012
Clinchers, Conkers and Cheesers 14/03/2012
What’s in a word? 14/03/2012
A murder at Magheragall and an execution at Carrickfergus. 14/03/2012
Ballypitmave’s famous son 14/03/2012
Tales from “The Prog,” Ballypitmave and a new book “Living in Hope” by Sue Allan. 14/03/2012
Bings (PART ONE) 14/03/2012
Obstructions and recesses (PART TWO) 14/03/2012
Roadmen and repairs (PART THREE) 14/03/2012
Roses are red, violets are blue…. 14/03/2012
There are many sayings associated with the month of May. 14/03/2012
May Eve was once an important and significant time of the year amongst past generations. 14/03/2012
The Murder that never was 14/03/2012
Cigarette, cleric, characters and cards 14/03/2012
"The Wee Still” 14/03/2012
Tuesday 15th August 1876 and the stolen drum. 14/03/2012
The Ballymote Earthquake 14/03/2012
 Pain in the picking and pleasure on the plate. 14/03/2012
The effect of Two World wars on one family – The Huston Family 14/03/2012
Stage and Screen – 1960 style 14/03/2012
The local Kilns that kept vital supplies of limestone running 13/01/2012
From desert to quarry to nature reserve 06/01/2012
All I want for Christmas -1932 23/12/2011
Whitemountain - Plovers, Poteen and Preachers 09/12/2011
Brady family's journey from Ballymacash to America 26/08/2011
One family's journey from Ballymacash to Canada 19/08/2011
The Digger recalls the return of road racing after the war in Ballymacash 12/08/2011
Granny's old remedies and donkey tales 29/07/2011
Discovery, dames and dodging gamekeepers on Divis 22/07/2011
Migration, movement and merchants in Lisburn town centre 10/06/2011
Murder and mayhem in 19th Century Lisburn 13/05/2011
From Ballycarrickmaddy to the moon 06/05/2011
'A friend to the friendless and a sympathizer with the oppressed' 22/04/2011
Teacher and poet who went from Lisburn to Texas 08/04/2011
'Farewell to Ballymacash, my native place....' 18/02/2011
Exploring Methodism in Glenavy 11/02/2011
Reuniting the past with the present 04/02/2011
A different way of finding a valuable commodity 14/01/2011
Return to sender - how old mail can help you with your family history 31/12/2010
Hope amidst poverty - that was Christmas 100 years ago 17/12/2010
Reliving memories of Christmas 1975 10/12/2010
'Snow' place like home as winter grips Lisburn 03/12/2010
Early days of the Ulster Tower at Thiepval and Lisburn 05/11/2010
Digging up the past with the forgotten spade mills at Derriaghy 22/10/2010
Cure your ills with brown paper and red flannel 15/10/82010
A discarded Bible reveals a 19th century scandal 27/08/2010
The Digger reveals the dramatic lengths one man went to prove he wasn't a body snatcher 09/07/2010
On the shoulders of giants - the `Irish Tom Thumb' 07/05/2010
Race day tragedy that led to calls for a ban 16/04/2010
Hurdles in history of racing at the Maze 09/04/2010
New book brings story of local violin maker back to life 19/03/2010
William Harbison, the Fenian Uprising and Portmore 29/01/2010
Restoration gets underway at Glenavy hall after 40 years 08/01/2010
`John and Jack Frost', ice and skates 01/01/2010
When businesses were praised for giving workers Christmas Day off 25/12/2009
The Digger unearths some surprising stories from the shores of Lough Neagh 11/12/2009
A glimpse into our ancient past at newly refurbished Museum 04/12/2009
The story of the Stoneyford violin maker returns to Lisburn in music and song 27/11/2009
Efforts of local men still remembered on Normandy's beaches 13/11/2009
Lest we forget - the sacrifice local people made in World War 2 06/11/2009
`When he entered the sick room he became a brother and a friend'' 23/10/2009
Deadly diphtheria, dogs and Dr. Murphy 09/10/2009
When the wail of the Banshee filled the air 18/09/2009
Family History Society ready to begin new season in historic building 04/09/2009
`May Almighty God have mercy on your soul...' 14/08/2009
Child murder that shook the people of Ballymacbrennan 07/08/2009
19th century crimes and strange events at Ballymacbrennan 31/07/2009
William's rhyming Treasure Hunt clues are back in fashion 24/07/2009
Drooth, dreams and temperance. The Digger looks back at the thorny issue of alcohol and the church 17/07/2009
David Corkey and the terrible reality of The Great War 10/07/2009
The quiet hero who became a much loved minister at Dundrod Church 03/07/2009
Call Lisburn 3111 to get `education with an aim!' 03/07/2009
Early days of transportation on the Lagan Canal 26/06/2009
The mysterious case of the man with the Victoria Cross 29/05/2009
Miss Cherry, trees and the neglected plaques 22/05/2009
The life and times of a famous Glenavy doctor are recalled 01/05/2009
Robert Cinnamond - the Ballinderry Balladeer 24/04/2009
Religion, riots and rhyme in Glenavy 03/04/2009
`Seven sixteenths' and Frank Leckey's Lodge 23/01/2009
`A valuable insight' is provided in the Diaries of Dr. Alexander Irvine 16/01/2009
Dr. Alexander Irvine and the Crumlin link 09/01/2009
Story of a letter posted in Glenavy almost 174 years ago 02/01/2009
The census, courts, Christmas and cows 26/12/2008
Wedding antics and country customs 12/12/2008
Killultagh Historical Society goes from strength to strength 21/11/2008
Where the grass is always greener? 19/09/2008
The Digger recalls a wartime romance at Langford Lodge 12/09/2008
The Yank who won his Glenavy girl 05/09/2008
Leaving your mark -stories of the past told in the trees 29/08/2008
Was Lisburn murder suspect really a victim himself? 08/08/2008
The harsh life of a Lighter man 01/08/2008
Early days of transportation on the Lagan Canal 25/07/2008
From early Christian churches to thriving 19th century trade 11/07/2008
An innocent game of `Ducks and Drakes' that ended in tragedy 27/06/2008
Keeping alive the memory of those who fell in World War 1 23/05/2008
Remarkable story of the Stoneyford violin maker 11/04/2008
Easter celebrations of long ago and cards to the chemist 21/03/2008
A spruce up for the Wishing Chair of Glenavy 01/02/2008
When you could feel the dark 18/01/2008
When life was ruled by the light of the silvery moon 11/01/2008
The ghostly lone piper at Piper's Hill 21/12/2007
Recalling stories of the great Lisburn inventor 16/11/2007
Fireworks and Frolics - the old style Halloween 26/10/2007
There could be `verse' ways to sell products 28/09/2007
Annandale, Glenavy and the Downer family 21/09/2007
Chrome Hill, Lambeg and the Downer family 13/09/2007
The Mystery Maid of Lisburn Town is tracked down 17/08/2007
Second tragedy for the Rice family 20/07/2007
Wallace Park tragedy caused widespread grief in Lisburn 13/07/2007
Echoes of the brutal Ballynalargy murder that lingered on 06/07/2007
Shock at a murder most foul in Ballynalargy 29/06/2007
A bitter winter and a horrifying discovery 15/06/2007
Rediscovering the rich history of a forgotten townland 18/05/2007
Anyone recall The Maid of Lisburn Town? 27/04/2007
Tales of love and war at Glenavy station 06/04/2007
The changing fortunes of Glenavy railway station 30/03/2007
American military trains and strict GNR discipline 23/03/2007
Lisburn stationmaster held office for 55 years 16/03/2007
Looking back at the early days of rail travel in Lisburn 09/03/2007
Lives of former Lisburn citizens recalled 02/02/2007
Grave matters give clue to past way of life 19/01/2007
Unearthing the past at the Ballyclan dig 15/12/2006
The Digger' takes a look at the history of the blackthorn 08/12/2006
Marbles kept the young and old amused in days gone by. 17/11/2006
The Cherry family, The Ulster Covenant and the loss of a son 20/10/2006
Lisburn and the Ulster Covenant 13/10/2006
Blame it all on the fairies 29/09/2006
A charming way to deal with your ailments 15/09/2006
Paradise regained at Ram's Island 08/09/2006