Bradbury's Buildings off Hill Street

Bradbury's Buildings off Hill Street

Bradbury's Buildings off Hill Street

Hi Jim Lila here again I've got some names of people who lived in - Bradbury Buildings for you

The Dickey family The Blakeley's The Kidd's The Spence Family
Margaret Noreen Edward The Gilliland's
Mona Monica Neville The Coard's
Lizzie Terry Margaret The Cowan's
Jamesie     The Downey's
The Boyd family lived in the first house on the left in Bradbury Buildings (Bob Finlay)

 I hope these will be of some help to you. Lila Hamilton.

Can You add any more names? if so please email me at

Just a little note to let you know that my grandmother Eliza Jane Morgan was born at 1 Bradbury's court Lisburn.

I found this information from the 1911 census that she lived her with her siblings.

Residents of house number 1 in Bradbury's Court (Lisburn, Antrim)
Surname Forename Age Sex
Morgan Charles 32 Male
Morgan Alice 20 Female
Morgan Margaret 19 Female
Morgan Minnie  16 Female
Morgan Wm Henry 12 Male
Morgan Edith 14 Female
Morgan Eliza  Jane 7 Female

If you have any information concerning my grandmothers family please contact me

Betty Stronge

If you have any information regarding the occupants of Bradbury's buildings please email