Fourth generation baptism in Magheragall Parish Church

The happy family.THE recent baptism of Olivia Ann Balmer, daughter of Chris and Lyndsey Balmer, in Magheragall Parish Church was a particularly noteworthy occasion.

This is because little Olivia was the fourth generation on her mum's side of the family to be baptised in the church.

And every picture tells a story. In the photo we see Olivia's great granny Nancy Harron, daughter of Henry and Emily Wilson, who was baptised by the Rev Dundas (rector 1906 to 1940); Olivia's granny Elizabeth Parker daughter of Nancy and Eddie Harron, who was baptised by Rev McCallin (rector 1940 to 1957); Olivia's mummy Lyndsey, daughter of Elizabeth and Roy Parker, who was baptised by Canon Musgrave (rector 1964 to 1985).

And finally baby Olivia herself, baptised by the Rev Nicholas Dark, rector, on September 19 2010.

Ulster Star