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Stories & Poems

Mum (Iris McCall nee Collins) Timothy McCall
A fitting memorial Letter home from WW1 - Cpl. J, Comar, 7. Platoon B. Coy, 3.9.1916
Remember Them: The rifle shot that echoes in my mind Chris Jones, Chippenham, Wiltshire.
Reflection Patsy Burns
Senior Citizens By Pat's Cousin
Up the Boreen in Co. Claire by Eithne Hamill
Grandad, we do really love you Len Langley submitted to Daily Mail by his brother
An Early Memory By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
A slice of toast By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
WILLIE and the pigeons By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
Curry's Glen By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
Just another memory By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
In Memoriam By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
A Little Grave In Lisburn By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
The Little Mother By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
Real Love By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
My Love Of Lisburn Town By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
Old Lisburn By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
Childhood Days By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
A Lisburn Exiles Goodbye to his brother By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
By Lagan banks By the Dabbler(Joe Reid)
Can you write the tune? By the Dabbler(Joe Reid)
Christmas On My Mind By the Dabbler(Joe Reid)
Golden Days By the Dabbler(Joe Reid)
The Castle Gardens By the Dabbler (Joe Reid)
By The Lagan, Near The Pier By the Dabbler(Joe Reid)
Memories of Gold By the Dabbler(Joe Reid)
After Xmas By the Dabbler(Joe Reid)
Down the Line By the Dabbler(Joe Reid)
See Joe Reid's football poems click here New By the Dabbler(Joe Reid)
My Country Dorothea MacKellar Submitted by Tom McCabe
Winter time in Canada Submitted by Jimmy McClean and Sally Cordner
Computer Geeks Prayer TO: Submitted by Bob Finlay
Could there not have been another way? By Tommy Gibb March 8 2006.
A story of Belfast past. Submitted by Jimmy McClean and Sally Cordner
"The Town I love so well" Beano (Bill Hanna)
1st Lisburn Co. Volunteers. A Lisburn Volunteer - Lisburn, March 6, 1780.
My grannies apron By Liz Brandon
A Poem From The Pastor By Liz Brandon's Husband
A poem for Poppy Day Don Crawford (Canada)
A Sate in the Park By Don Savage
Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas Major Henry Livingston, Jr. (1748-1828)
An Appreciation To Diana Princess Of Wales By Mary Woods
An ode to Letitia Lowroader
Anahilt Primary pupil Sarah wins a Puskin Prize By Sarah Loan
Beautiful true story
Home thoughts from ----- Belfast... Submitted by John Dunlop
Calling me home: A VERSE that many an Exile has had. New Submitted by John Dunlop
Belfast Patsy Burns
Can I Not Have An Off Day Too? Shane McClurg
Charming Warts Shane McClurg
Childhood Joan Morrison 1991
Christmas Poem for Our Soldiers Unknown Soldier
Christmas Fairy Submitted by Beano:
Written by Frances Dunlop 1993
Church of the Dwarf Shane McClurg
Dear Little Cottage By Jack Ellis (written around 1940)
Death is nothing at all by Canon Scott Holland
Do not stand at my grave and weep Mary Frye (1932)
Do you remember Unknown
Do you remember when Lisburn was young? Mavis Heaney (author 'Life in the Co. Down')
Down Memory Lane By Angus Houston
Down the forty ones. by Eithne Hamill
Enough Submitted by Robert S. Owens
Exiles Prayer Billy Hanna
Fare thee well Lisburn Donald Watters
Another ode to Letitia Donald Watters
A Christmas Story for people having a bad day Donald Watters.
Death of a Mill Village ( Hilden ) Donald Watters.
The Doffer and the Weaver Donald Watters
The Language of Love ( borrowed and changed a little ) Donald Watters.
The Mill Workers Donald Watters.
The Tramp This piece was written by a Lisburn man Bill Brownlee around 1957, he went to live in Grangemouth, Scotland
The Attic Thel Pryce, November, 1996
Friends are God's way of taking care of us" Submitted by Tommy Gibb
Golden Telephone Robert Owens
Growing Up On A Farm L. D. (John Dunlop)
Plenty of cheer as hundreds begin to 'grow their own beer' Submitted by Tom McKay
Harmony Shane McClurg
Hello dear old Lisburn By a soldier from the 160th Welsh Field Ambulance
Hilden Mill & On Peace by Eithne Hamill
Lagan Poems 1 Noel McMaster and others
Lagan Poems 2 Noel McMaster and others
Lisburn Town Noel McMaster
Old Fart Pride Beano (Billy Hanna)
Walking with Grandma New Beano (Billy Hanna)
Old Lisburn Town Submitted by B. Woods
Once in a lifetime experience Patsy Burns
Lisburn Long Ago Patsy Burns
Leaving ....................... Patsy Burns
'World Best Friends Week' Patsy Burns
Look Closer By Phyllis McCormack
Love for my mother dear Daphne Tkachuk (nee Martin)
Memories Joan English, Canvey Island, Essex.
Mother's Elbow On My Bed Author Unknown
My Aunts by Eithne Hamill
My First Christmas in Heaven By Ben
My Mother by Eithne Hamill
On the celebration of the Twelfth of July at Lisburn, in the year 1823 Unknown
Pump Lane By Mary Woods
Shopping in Lisburn Mavis Heaney (author 'Life in the Co. Down')
Step over the years Mavis Heaney (author 'Life in the Co. Down')
A Story of Lisburn Long Ago, and the Death of a Citizen Henry Munro Mavis Heaney (author 'Life in the Co. Down')
Sunday Post Bride
The Candle Light In The Window
The Clothes Line Submitted by Barney
The City of Dromore
The Days I Went To School Written in 1987 by Aline Hanna (nee Matthews), a pupil in Drumbo Primary School from 1940 to 1944.
The Difference  
The Dressmaker by Eithne Hamill
The Flag by Aaron R. Orr
The Final Inspection Author unknown
The Arab Orange Order Author unknown
The Ode of a Crabby Old Woman, Nurses reply and Crabby old man, Australian version added By Phyllis McCormack
The Poetry Of Youth Joan Farr
The Railway Bar James McKinley
The Rambling Man from Ballypitmave Shane McClurg
The shooting of Dan McGrew Robert Service
The Sights And Delights Of Lisburn By Mary Woods
They'll Never Get Their Man (The Weavers Trad) Submitted by B. Woods
Thoughts in verse of Lisburn years ago
Time gets better with age Robert Owens 30/05/2002
Titanic 1912
Touched by New York atrocity Trevor C. Quinn
Twenty Past Seven Shane McClurg
Valentine/Humorous verses By Jennie Turley
Wandering Willie Submitted By the Dabbler(Joe Reid)
Wappitti Submitted by B. Woods
Remembrance Day (Lest we Forget) Mauri
Watering Holes Mauri
Senior's L ament Mauri
Life's Wish New Mauri
William By Anna Buckingham
THE BEATLES" Every Song they ever wrote... Submitted by Frazer Wilson
Coach O'Leary Submitted Brendan Woods
Sayings/Adages Submitted by Jean Turk