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Calling all ex Hillsborough Boys players

The Hillsborough Boys team in 1982 - how many faces do you know?

TO mark Hillsborough Boys 40th anniversary season the club have moved with the times and registered on facebook.

The club, formed in the I969 —I970 season, are hoping to get as many ex-players to visit the page, take a trip down memory lane by looking through the pictures, leave comments and attach other pictures they may have.

Club secretary Paul Alexander commented: "There is a wealth of history and great players attached to this club, we are anxious to re-establish links with them all, collate as much information as possible and gather as many pictures as we can."

The picture here shows the Hillsborough Boys team who travelled to Norway in I982, included are Neil Lennon, Gerry Taggart and Noel Baillie - if you can identify the rest of the squad please let us know.

The current committee are intent on marking this landmark season with the formation of an 'Old Boys' team, initial talks have taken place to secure opposition, so if you fancy rolling back the years and taking a trip down memory lane visit us on face-book at Hillsborough Boys Junior Football Club or why not drop them an email at

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