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Jonathan teaches ladies the art of burlesque dancing


Jonathan McCloskey a 'boylesque' dancer. Photo by Neil Kendall.LOCAL women are being offered lessons in the art of burlesque dancing but with a difference - a man is running the workshops.

The old school theatre form that encompasses striptease, comedy and glamour is normally associated with women, but one Annahilt man has taken up the art and wants to share his passion with others.

Jonathan McCloskey, 24, also known as 'Myles Away Here, is running Burlesque workshops in Hillsborough's Village Centre.

Commenting on the workshops Jonathan said: "Burlesque has had a recent revival with the likes of Dita Von Teese crossing over into the mainstream. "I've been involved in the Burlesque industry for over three years starting as a stage manager at shows and eventually I decided to start performing in it myself doing 'Boylesque'."

When Jonathan first started performing there were only nine men working in this female led industry. He said: "I was hesitant at first but soon was captivated by the glamour and opulence. It is glamour, illusion and all about the tease."

Commenting on how the classes came about he said: "Recently a few ladies came to me and asked if I would teach them the art of Burlesque, which is the reason I decided to start the workshops. So far we have looked at stage presence, introductions and the Balloon Pop dance and have looked at the work of Dirty Martini, Dita Von Teese and Kitten DeVille. I'll be teaching lots of Burlesque Performance styles such as how to use a Parasol, the fan-dance and costume removal. The classes are catered to tone your body like a dancer's while spicing up your personal life."

The workshops take place on a Monday from 6.15pm and cost £6 per class. They will be running for 10 weeks.

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