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£200 put up by solicitor for a month


Local solicitor Jim McFarland who is offering a reward for those prosecuted for dropping litter.A LISBURN man is so fed up with litter louts he is offering rewards of £200 for the month of February to those who give information which can lead to the detection and prosecution of offenders in some areas of the city. Jim McFarland, a well known solicitor who lives in Fort Hill, said the area is in "a filthy condition" and is calling on local people to help to bring an end to rubbish being dumped.

Speaking about the issue, Mr McFarland said: "The polluted state of the City of Lisburn is a disgrace. The public health standards of a significant minority are woeful." Mr McFarland described some of the scenes he has witnessed in the area around his home close to Wallace Park, as "unacceptable".

He said: "The worst scene I have come across was when someone dumped the rancid contents of their fridge, including rotten bacon, chicken drumsticks and other unmentionables in an area where children had to walk round the stinking packages.

"My neighbour and I continually gather up rubbish on a daily basis and it is getting decidedly worse. It is very difficult to get a prosecution; I did manage to get one for a woman who left three bags of rubbish on the road near the duck pond, fortunately she was traced and given a fixed penalty."

Mr McFarland added: "I am prepared to offer rewards of £200 during February for the detection and prosecution, including fixed penalties, to members of the public (other than those whose job it already is)."

The local solicitor said he would offer rewards in respect of:

The people who frequently write graffiti on the waste bins and benches in Wallace Park.

The people who discard fast food packaging and wine bottles in Fort Hill from parked cars.

People throwing down litter in the Wallace Park. People who drink in Wallace Park and smash bottles over the paths.

People who regularly discard fast food packaging on the upper Pond Park Road.

People who fly-tip on the upper Pond Park Road.

Mr McFarland continued: "I frequently travel to the west of the province, around Enniskillen and Omagh, there are workers employed to clean up the road verges and collect litter. They work hard and do an excellent job.

"In Lisburn the verges of roads are full of litter discarded by motorists gorging themselves on fast food as they drive along.

"People also frequently park, eat fast food and throw polystyrene packaging and wrapping round the sides of the car before driving off. Birds are probably being killed by these things as they peck the polystyrene, you can see all the holes pecked in it.

"I also counted 42 beer cans around the bandstand in Wallace Park after a public function, which is supposed to be an alcohol free area."

Mr McFarland concluded: "The local court frequently orders offenders to carry out community service. I think clearing up litter would be a suitable service for. those people to carry out; it would also make them more aware of the problem."

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