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Aghalee mum Sheds half her body eight in a year


Lynette before she joined weightwatchers. Lynette Gillespie now after losing 9st in just under a year with Lisburn and Moira Weight Watchers US1910-401PM Pic by Paul Murphy
	AN Aghalee woman has a whole lot to smile about after shedding a massive 9 stone in just one year to weigh in at almost exactly half her previous weight. Mother of one Lynette Gillespie, 41, now tips the scales at 9 and a half stone and is a dress size 8/10 and says she is a changed woman.

Like many people Lynette's weight crept up over the years and it was only in 2008 when she decided to do something about it. The flight attendant, who is married to George, went along to a Weightwatchers class after another parent from her daughter Kelsey's school asked if she would go with her. At her heaviest Lynette weighed in at 18 and a half stone and a dress size 26.

Lynette went along to Weightwatchers classes in Moira and Lisburn and after losing four stone started to go out walking as well.

She said: "The weight seemed to come off pretty quickly at the start and after I lost the first four stone I started to walk more."

Lynette explained that people's compliments about her weight loss really spurred her on and made her even more determined to keep going.

"I reached my target in July and have managed to maintain my weight by taking up running. I still have bad days but I don't beat myself up about it and instead just cut back the next day. It's now a way of life and I feel so confident.

"I've been flying for 20 years and I really notice people do treat me differently now. Some regular passengers can't believe it's me when they see me. It's just amazing. If I can do it anyone can. I have a brand new wardrobe and I am doing things I would never have done when I was bigger."

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